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Is Forehead Shape related to intelligence?

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    Hi, Do different shapes of forehead indicate different degrees of intelligence?
    Considering humans, Is there any relation between intelligence and forehead shape?

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    I've become more intelligent over the years, but I don't think my forehead has changed shape as a result.
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    Google phrenology
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    Microcephaly is an extreme case where it very clearly does.
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    Neanderthals had larger brains and more sloped foreheads than us.
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    In the general population, there is no such relationship.
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    I have heard conflicting reports. Some say people get wiser when their forehead extends, because brain cooling improves. Others say forehead extends in those wise, as an effect of brain overheating. In both cases there is an implied correlation between forehead size and intelligence. But that's size, not shape.
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    I disagree. In general, the closer an animal's forehead resembles a human's, the more intelligent it is. ;-)
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    I would argue that placement is more critical, as a direct relationship between distance of forehead from sphincter and intelligence.

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    So there is no scientific evidence for the forehead-shape relation to intelligence.

    I wonder how much intelligent they were.

    Do you have some good links? If true, I wonder what specific part(s) of brain is (are) improving and increasing the size of the brain.

    Not necessarily, you can find some intelligent animals whose foreheads is not shaped as humans (http://scienceray.com/biology/zoology/top-15-smartest-and-most-intelligent-animals/). Greats apes are the most intelligent, since, for instance, 99% of genes are identical between humans and chimpanzees.

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    I considered normal healthy people when I first asked my question.

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    What determines intelligence? Cortex area and thickness, amount of gray cells.... What more? Does the frontal lobe play a important role in intelligence?
    By 'intelligence' I mean the capacity to reason, understand, enjoy complexity...
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