What is Intelligence: Definition and 202 Discussions

Intelligence has been defined in many ways: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.
Intelligence is most often studied in humans but has also been observed in both non-human animals and in plants despite controversy as to whether some of these forms of life exhibit intelligence. Intelligence in computers or other machines is called artificial intelligence.

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  1. Syandan21

    How to become brilliant?

    I am tired of seeing people better than me at math, science, chess, mathcounts, etc and me being absolutely dumb. I am tired of having a low IQ. Please help me. How can I become more brilliant at everything and get into a good school? How can I be successful in life? How can I get better at...
  2. A

    Neural networks as mathematical models of intelligence

    Why do almost all people not think that neural networks are the mathematical model of intelligence? I briefly explain what I understand: -A neuron is a mathematical object that takes numerical inputs from other nearby neurons, applies a nonlinear function (combining the input with numbers...
  3. jedishrfu

    A Chat with ChatGPT: Peerless Intelligence

    I recently ran a chat session with ChatGPT. For me, ChatGPT is best used in searching for things and having the results presented in a conversational readable manner. In my chat, I was curious about conversion tools for other code into Julia code. I asked ChatGPT and got these responses: NOTE...
  4. newjerseyrunner

    Search for Intelligence on Earth

    I was discussing the Fermi Paradox with a coworker at lunch and he made a very good point that I hadn’t considered and I don’t really hear mentioned on the topic: distribution. The assumption that if ET was everywhere, we should see it everywhere. The point was that that should be true for...
  5. PainterGuy

    Can High Intelligence Truly Govern Our Emotions?

    Hi, I often hear people saying that why and how that person could react in such a way , he or she is so intelligent, so educated etc. The statement implies that if a person is considered to be intelligent or educated, he or she could control their emotions such as anger, jealousy, depression...
  6. jim mcnamara

    Avi Loeb + ʻOumuamua and evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence

    Pop Science reporting example above. The book "Extraterrestrial The first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth" Avi Loeb, has not yet been published. I put this in General Discussion, if someone thinks sound byte previews of a yet unpublished book warrant something different please report...
  7. fluidistic

    Investigating Neanderthal Intelligence Through Artifacts

    I am wondering how reliable it is to gauge the intelligence of say homo neanderthalensis by looking at whether they were "artists", and by the object they used. I understand that the fact that they used Levallois technique to cut flint indicates some sort of intelligence. But the lack of, say...
  8. T

    I PDEs cracked by Artificial Intelligence at Cal Tech

    With a 1000 time speed-up too, this could be a game-changer. From: https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/10/30/1011435/ai-fourier-neural-network-cracks-navier-stokes-and-partial-differential-equations/ They did it by solving in "...Fourier space (rather) than to wrangle with PDEs in Euclidean...
  9. D

    Ancient artificial intelligence limits

    What do members speculate, using restrained imagination of what may be possible, may be the highest level of knowledge and ability possible for an ancient race of artificial intelligence entities millions of years evolved that have long mastered whatever organic brain consciousness is and gone...
  10. N

    Conceptual Definition of Intelligence

    Summary:: We are fundamentally wrong in our understanding of what intelligence is. Intelligence is believed to be some manner of product of the size and scope of computing. Fundamentally stupid way of thinking. Intelligence is a function of the relationship between the size of a computation...
  11. A

    Any good books on artificial intelligence for self-studying?

    Summary:: what are some good books they recommend on the topic? thanks in advance
  12. zezee42

    Physics Master's degree: Computational Science vs. Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello everyone, I study physics in Hungary and this is the last year of the BSc. After that I would like to do my Master's degree in Austria either at TU Wien (Computational Science and Engineering) or at JKU in Linz (Artificial Intelligence). My question is: which field has better career...
  13. DifferentialGalois

    Approximate Intelligence Quotient Gauge

    The following thread regards how I am to receive an accurate gauge of my IQ. Heretofore, I undertook several IQ tests, namely the Serebriakoff Advanced Culture Fair Test, Numerus Basic, Mensa Norway, Mensa Denmark, Tero 41 and Logica Stella. Additionally, I took the Mensa Luxembourg Online Test...
  14. Aleoa

    Puzzles and exercises to improve mathematical and spatial intelligence

    In your childhood or adolescence, or maybe as an adult, have there been types of exercises or puzzles that you think have improved your mathematical intelligence and in particular the spatial thinking? If yes, which ones?
  15. Gjmdp

    Is Artificial Intelligence a subfield of Computer Science?

    At first glance it does seem obvious that AI is a subfield of Computer Science for that programming is essential in the building of intelligent systems. However following that reasoning, Physics could be classified as a branch of Mathematics since Calculus is essential for its understanding. AI...
  16. P

    Do you think artificial intelligence and DFT codes can be merged?

    Hello! Do you think artificial intelligence and DFT codes can be merged? Is it time for the intelligent DFT?
  17. Posty McPostface

    Brain-Computer Interfaces: Enhancing Human Capabilities or Redundant Technology?

    Technology will render having a high IQ redundant. Elon Musk is working on a implantable brain–computer interface that would mesh or link one's self to such things as computers, Google, the internet and such. Apart from the notion of treating some serious impediments the goal is to enhance the...
  18. Demystifier

    Challenges for artificial intelligence

    Here I would like to see interesting challenges for artificial intelligence, which seem very hard for AI and yet in the spirit of what AI usually does. Here is my proposal: Let us feed the machine with a big sample (containing, say, a million numbers) of prime numbers and a big sample of...
  19. R

    What is threat intelligence (cyber security)?

    I just got to learn about TI (threat intelligence) in my high school. I need some advice - helpful website for get useful information and thesis dealing with cyber security
  20. Gjmdp

    What are the implications if P=NP in Artificial Intelligence?

    If it turns out that there is, indeed, an algorithm that can solve any NP problem (now also P) in polynomial type, so that P=NP, creativity would prove worthless with such algorithm. Thereby, AI will not be needed as any intellectual inquiry we would ever had could be easily solved with this...
  21. kyphysics

    Genetic Engineering of Intelligence & National Security

    I've been listening to the likes of neuroscientist Sam Harris and physicist Stephen Hsu (who seems to have turned his interests towards genomics research these days) discuss the future of human life, given genetic research and cutting edge knowledge in this area. I think it was Hsu who said...
  22. Posty McPostface

    How are some intelligent people so productive?

    In other words, is there some correlation between high intelligence and productivity? Is it related to creativity? I don't think I need to go into examples of famous people like Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Von Neumann, Gauss, Goethe, Aristotle/Plato, and the list goes on. One unifying theme that is...
  23. JTC

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Please bear with me... In a curriculum in mechanical engineering, there is a set of standard topics: statics, dynamics, vibrations, fluid mechanics, thermondynamics, etc. What is Artificial Intelligence, and what does it entail? (at the moment, it seems like a buzz phrase that does not...
  24. E

    The incredible intelligence of crows

    A crow solves an 8-part puzzle to use a longer stick to get at some food.
  25. Zantra

    Technological singularity and artificial intelligence

    I didn't find this exact topic, so here we are! Let me begin by saying that the singularity is inevitable- Its not "if", it's how soon. Elsewhere on this board it was mentioned that we're far from autonomous driving. Assuming we mean level 5 autonomy, it means millions of hours of road...
  26. S

    Top 5 highest IQ occupations?....

    What are the top 5 occupations which require the highest general IQ? Rank them from highest to least...
  27. FallenApple

    I Energy perspective on deterministic intelligence

    This question is kind of out there, so I'm not sure where to put it. But it is physics, somewhat, under the fact that information itself contain energy. So, is it physically possible for a computer program running off of logical statements alone to be as intelligent as a human? Because this...
  28. david2

    Will artificial intelligence be our impending doom

    Stephen Hawking is afraid that computers in the (not so far) future will become super intelligent, and that this will spell the end of the human race. And he is not the only one who thinks that. my view is that they suffer from paranoia. What do you think?
  29. Jamison Lahman

    Animal Intelligence Distribution

    My end goal is to extrapolate observed intelligences in the animal kingdom to determine whether or not it is statistically likely that a simulation argument is probable (though this could easily be used for the Fermi Paradox as well). Defining terms: "intelligence." Obviously all animals would...
  30. Dishsoap

    Schools Intelligence necessary for graduate school?

    Hey all, This is a really embarrassing question, but one that I feel is necessary. I am not too intelligent, but feel as though for most of my life it could be made up for by work ethic. My senior year, when having an honest discussion with my advisors about my capability for grad school, I was...
  31. J

    Job Skills Importance of Intelligence in science

    I’ve constantly been informed that I am smart, if not brilliant by everyone around me. Unfortuantely for me, I’ve always believed that, and have never worked hard as a result, managing to get good grades without any work, which has further influenced my perception of myself. Recently, however, I...
  32. T

    Math Job in Artificial Intelligence with a Math Degree

    I'm currently going for my Master's in math (bachelors in applied math) but while applying I had to make the choice between math and computer engineering. I went ahead and chose math because when looking at job postings it seemed like it was an acceptable degree for several of them. Almost...
  33. AaronK

    Advances in Machine Intelligence

    I am an undergraduate student pursuing computer science in the Southwestern United States (I just switched my major to comp. sci actually). Recently, I came across an individual who claimed to research AI professionally and who expressed to me the following view after some discussion of various...
  34. carllacan

    Artificial Intelligence and astrophysics

    Hi. My Astrophysics teacher has offered us to do an extra credit writing assignment, whose topic we can choose. I'd like to do something on the relation of astrophysics and artificial intelligence, but I don't know what to pick. I'd appreciate if you could suggest some topics I could talk...
  35. HyperTechno

    Artificial Intelligence for human evolution

    Artificial Intelligence Technology can be used to develop intelligent Operation systems/ Management Systems for vehicles, buildings, factories, to control various systems.. etc. We can make robots out of it... and make intelligent equipment that improves the comfort ability of our day to day...
  36. A

    Solving constant worry over one's intelligence [very long]

    Overall I'd say I'm a somewhat secure person; though definitely a bit weaker than average, I'm not an emotional wreck except for when it comes to one thing: doubt of my capacity/potential, which has lately bothered me a lot. Any time of IQ or intellectual superiority are mentioned I go crazy...
  37. vanessa99

    Improve Physics Grade - 16yo Student Study Strategy

    Do you believe that being good at physics depends on study or the intelligence? I mean I'm kinda stupid, as my teacher says but do you believe that even if I'm stupid, if I study I can have a very good grade? PS I'm 16 years old
  38. G

    Artificial intelligence mathematics

    Hello, I'm currently in a physics/CS undergrad program and I would like to continue to graduate level in artificial intelligence. But recently I started to browse artificial intelligence papers and discovered that they are very mathematical. I ask myself if I should switch to maths/CS undergrad...
  39. H

    Programs Artificial intelligence: what double degree to choose?

    My only dream in life is to develop a robot that has common sense and wisdom and pretty much be as smart as a human that can help society solve ISIS, food shortages etc. So I am choosing Computer Science next year for university. Though I have heard that doing the degree purely is too dry and...
  40. 4

    Short Survey for my EPQ on Artificial Intelligence

    Hi everyone! I'm a sixth form student currently writing an EPQ (5000 word essay) on artificial intelligence. I would appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to take this short survey. I hope you find it interesting. <<link deleted>> Thank you for your time! Rob
  41. P

    Programs Not enough intelligence for physics major

    I'm looking for physics majors or grads that may have been in my situation. Recently I started studying physics in my spare time (enter University in a few months) and I really struggled with one dimensional motion...which was the first chapter of the book. It took me days to understand the...
  42. F

    The "Intelligence" behind quantum physics

    THE “INTELLIGENCE” BEHIND QUANTUM PHYSICS If the nature of quantum mechanics is that an observer affects the end “collapsed” state of a particle, than what constitutes a state of observation. The the only thing I can come up with that seems to determine what constitutes a form of observation is...
  43. B

    Do you ever feel insecure about your intelligence?

    I do not know if this is the proper website to post a thread like this, but do you ever feel insecure about your intelligence? I've had self esteem issues since I was a child for various reasons that I shall not discuss here. I,however, feel insecure around my peers. Despite having a 3.94 major...
  44. icecubebeast

    Artificial intelligence prerequisites?

    What are some prerequisites for problem solving, planning and machine learning in artificial intelligence? I was always fascinated by the topic of machine learning until I decided to teach myself how to do it. When I came across a course on machine learning, I was shocked and confused because it...
  45. Doug Huffman

    News U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on CIA

  46. H

    Intelligence. The difference between individuals.

    How do you define 'smart' or intelligent? What makes someone smarter than another? Is it the ability to process information at a certain rate, then synthesize that information effectively towards an end, the ability to store it in memory quickly and effectively as well? What is your conception...
  47. V

    Concerned about my intelligence / math ability

    Hello everyone. So as the title suggests, I am really concerned about my intelligence and/or math(s) potential. I'll explain in just a minute, but first allow me to say that any response or advice from you guys will be greatly appreciated, as basically I started to question my whole life and...
  48. K

    Artificial Intelligence neuron networks

    Homework Statement 1. Homework Statement For a neuron with the transfer function given below deterimne the weight updates after presentation of the two constructive training samples: xA = [2,-1] and xB = [-1,1], where the former one belongs to class A (desired output is 1), the latter to...
  49. J

    Why haven't other organisms evolved humanlike intelligence?

    It seems like it would be a huge advantage to their survival, so why haven't other organisms evolved such? Why are humans the only organisms capable of doing things like creating complex technology and using complex language?