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Is it disturbing to wear clothing made from bugs and worms (silk)

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    This seems disturbing, does anyone else think so? People wear silk when it is made from these worms and that it comes out of their bodies http://bhimbros.com/images/silk_worm2.jpg [Broken]
    why would anyone want that sort of thing touching their skin?

    And there are clothing dyes made from crushed bugs, which seems pretty disturbing.

    Also, when people wear snake skins and animal skins is it not disturbing that a lizard, or snakes actual skin is- touching - your - body . That is not ok, it's gross, but it seems like most people don't think that's the slightest bit not ok.

    So if they ripped a snakes skin off and rubbed it on their face they'd just think, oh, that's fine, nothing wrong with that, not weird or anything.
    Because that's the same thing as when they are wearing shoes of the animal skin or a jacket etc.

    How can this be?
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    I think it's just you, really.

    Do you eat honey? That's basically bug vomit, but it's delicious. That's far more "disturbing" than wearing silk.
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    Yeah, I also wonder how on earth people fall in love with a human being who's coming out of his/her mother's body and just think what human beings are made of at 1st place...:yuck:
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    - Milk
    - Cheese
    - Caviar
    - That list goes on and on.
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    It doesn't matter what you rub on someone's face, they're never going to be ok with it.
    Snakes aren't gross. I would rub a snake's skin on my face. It's not like they're covered in mucous.
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    Well, all I can say is that if we had not used animal skins for clothing and protection I question how long our species would have survived(and/or migrated to colder climates)

    And think about early shoes. Dried animal leather. Used even today. Very tough.
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    I rub silk on my naked body.
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    Do you realize that in your body you have over 40 trillion cells that are not yours? You have 35 trillion cells with your DNA, and about 40 trillion cells that are bacteria, viruses, etc. Not to mention that there are bacteria that help you get vitamins and break down food for you. There is probably a worm swimming around in your body from poorly cooked pork, or some kind of a parasite just casually humping another parasite in your intestine right now. Wearing dead silk is least bit of your concerns :biggrin:

    No man is an island. You are part of this ecosystem, get used to it and learn to coexist with all living creatures, even just so you can kill them and eat their delicious brain :tongue2:
    (although that would probably expose you to a prion disease or some kinda Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease)

    Speaking of maggots, zombie caterpillar video comes to mind, but on a brighter note, do you know how delicious a cooked maggot is? Its like a scallop. And a fried grasshopper is just like a cracker, a bit sour.

    OH OH.. Land of ice you are probably a chick, so this tidbit you will find fascinatingly awesome. You know that collagen that you find in your cosmetics? Well it comes from dead Chinese prisoners. When the prisoner is executed, his body is used to make cosmetics. Look it up, its a classic.

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    How about potatoes. Those ugly things are dug up out of the ground.

    I'm not even going to talk about cheese and yogurt.
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    After these posts, are you now thinking about becoming a vegan and joining PETA?
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    "tongue" - urghh I'm not eating anything that came out of animals mouth - fetch me an egg!
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    I really didn't need to read that while drinking my morning tea with my ritual teaspoon of honey in it.

    What I find fascinating is that goats (who will try to eat anything) produce the finest and most expensive wool-cashmere.
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    Land Of Ice, did you know that you have much worse things living on your body?

    Here is a picture of eyelash mites. Theses mites live in hair follicles all over your body. The long thin thing is your hair, the other things are the mites which have burrowed face down into your hair follicle.


    Here is the whole mite.

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    maybe those are what make-up companies put in their mascara to make the lashes look longer and thicker
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    There's more cells of bacteria and viruses in me than the cells that actually make up my flesh? That doesn't make sense. So if they all suddenly disappeared, I would be half the size I am now?
    Can you see them? Because in that picture, they're bigger than the actual hair and I can see an individual hair.
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    you are only about 40 pounds worth of cells, rest is water, stuff, and other cells
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    Everything good is something dead. Or still alive.

    Never heard of eyelash mites before! That's my new thing learned for the day :)
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    Not counting the water inside of cells?
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    its hard to guesstimate. liver doesnt hold much water, and blood is considered tissue, so water in plasma is part of blood as a whole. If you dehydrated body completely then its still bones that weigh the most.
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