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Medical Is it healthy to bicycle ALL THE TIME?

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    Since, the only reason we get tired and muscles wear out is b/c of lack of oxygen....if I drive the bicycle machine really slowly, and do all my word on it...(use it as a desk)

    Is that a bad idea?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Not really. There are machines that allow you to work at a CRT standing up - they require you to move your feet very slowly - a slow walk. It's a kind of very expensive treadmill basically.

    The only caveat: if you are in bad shape -- start slowly, otherwise you'll be at risk for tissue damage or inflammation, for example, plantar fasciitis, sore joints, tendonitis. By slowly I mean a half hour per day to start, then work up to 8-10 hours over weeks.
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    But why is it not good for the body? I was looking for a biological explanation.
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