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Is it pointless to pursue Math or Physics if you are stuck in an area of grade?

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    I feel at bit down seeing how all my grades averaged out to be in the 80s, but no more than 85s. I tried a summer course this summer and I thought I could concentrate better, but I still ended up with an 80.

    When I look at some grad school applications, they all demand a minimum of 80 to even get in, I am on like the borderline. Even for Masters' degree it turned out to be in the 80s, I just completed my first year, should I just switch to a more lucrative career, say Engineering?
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    As a little note, if you're having trouble with first-year physics classes, engineering will probably be just as hard. Sure, you could still get a more lucrative job, but the next few years probably won't be much fun. See if you can improve your study habits, maybe?
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    This thread is nearly five years old. The original poster has probably finished his/her bachelor's degree by now.

    Let this serve as a reminder to check the date on a post that you find in a forum search or Google search, before you decide whether to reply to it. :oldwink:
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