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Is it possible for a long hair to having heavy weight?

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    The man is reported to have the longest hair in the world, they claimed that his hair was measured at 6.8 meters long but never been measured officially. But what I'm skeptical about this was his hair reported to weighed around 10.5 kg. Maybe this is a kind of fake or something alike. But if it indeed real, I think the weight don't come from the hair but maybe because of something in the hair, or perhaps the hair become so matted with other things that make his hair heavy.
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    Of course it's matted with dirt and oils and other things. Look at it. I don't doubt for a second all that weighs 10.5 kg. Clean hair alone that length would weigh about 1.4 kg (http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art27176.asp), but his is a lot thicker and dirtier for sure.
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    Long hair weigh about 1.4 kg? I think even longer hair will have much less weight than that. Actually it's said weigh about 1/4 of a pound, about 113 grams only. But Tran Van Hay's hair really make me feel strange because it having weight at 10.5 kg, but I still think this is just an estimation. Yeah right the weight must be come from the dirt, oils and many other things that become matted with his hair.
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    You must have missed what I did... I extrapolated the mass based on that woman's hair's approximate length (0.5 m) and the mass she gave.
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    I see, so actually you're gonna saying that 7 meter clean hair weigh at 1.4 kg? I think maybe that's the plausible weight for such a long hair.
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    His wife seems to have shorter hair than average for women. :-D LOL
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    He does not look like a particularly strong man. I find it amazing that he can carry that much weight around all day. Even when cycling and all that is keeping the hair together on top of his head is a piece of cloth.
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    I've got to agree right there. When I saw the photos I was quite surprised, he made it look easy. Carrying 10kg extra on your head is not something easy, and he looked to be a man of a weaker stature than most.
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