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Is it possible for "me" to make a hoverbike?

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    Hi, I saw a video of a guy who made a hover and figured; hey, I should try making one too. I've a general design in my mind. His design had two propellers, one on the front and one on the rear. I wanted to make a bike with more than 2 propellers( assuming more the propellers, greater the thrust). My basic idea is two keep two at the back and two in the front. I dont really have much engineering experience or knowledge, so my question is in case I want to make this bike battery powered, how powerful a battery will I need? and also are there any powerful and fast yet light motors available in the market? or should I learn and 'try' to make one myself. I want the bike to atleast hover upto at least 3 feet with my weight. I weight approximately 80 kgs. Thank you! :)
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    Could you guide me through exactly what sort of jet engines they are? thanks :)
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    I think the OP might be overstating what was created for the original YouTube video he mentions. I'm familiar with the video in question; colinfurze used a pair of engines typically used for powered parachute flight. But the craft is essentially impossible to pilot- it has no yaw control, and depends on him shifting his CG to tilt the craft. Also, the "bike" ends up operating well within the ground effect of the props. Colin himself calls the craft a "human blender" as well, because the exposed props are fantastically dangerous.

    Regarding the hoverboard, that is a very impressive feat of technology, and the pilot is able to drive it very skillfully! It's probably using some high-end turbines designed for radio controlled aircraft, maybe something like the AMT Titan which provides 40 kg of thrust per turbine. Keep in mind the turbines alone are priced at 11k Euro each.

    Building a multi-rotor aircraft requires an accelerometer-driven control system to modulate prop speeds to control attitude and yaw. Have you considered building yourself a hovercraft instead? Easier overall project, and much safer.
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