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Is it worth it to stay another year for BS/MS?

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    Is it worth it to stay an extra year and get a dual degree in Applied Mathematics? I am currently unsure if I want to do mathematics or applied mathematics Ph.D, i'm currently an undergrad double major in applied math and pure math. my school, which is a top 30 ranked grad school according to one of those lists posted here, allows me to get a masters in 1 year. should i go for the masters and stay a 5th year or just move onto Ph.D full time?
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    my question is are you strong enough to endure everthing in 5 fives ? :biggrin:
    it depends on ur choice, what you choose as your dream profession. I personally don't like fulltime like that if I am not first finacially supported to do so, a lot of things will come a long the way during 5 years, things always not just happen as what we be expecting.
    Jobs payd the same salary for phd and master, but if u have one and u could be a teacher in a college, for ecample, u will 'sound' more valueable than master.
    Also, in futere, it can be aticket to do a postdctor if u like mathemcatics research, though i vnever heard of a postdoctor in the field. thats what i know all about doctor degree
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