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Is Λ the ∑ particle? or is Λ the Δ particle? notation clarification

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    ive noticed some problems have the quark composition of Λ as uds, but in the Baryon Octuplet that is the same composition as ∑. I always thought Λ was another way of writing Δ, so the quark composition would be ddu, am I wrong?
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    Yes, you are wrong, Λ (Lambda) and Δ (Delta) are different greek letters and different particles.
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    Yes, you are wrong. The Lambda and the Delta are different particles with different symbols. The bottom line of the triangle is significant. The neutral Sigma and Lambda have the same quark content, but are still different particles, just as C2H6O can be either ethanol or dimethyl ether.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated.
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    The u and d quarks in the Lambda are in a spin zero state.
    The u and d quarks in the Sigma0 are in a spin one state.
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    They are excitations of the same quark content bound state...Just as Δ+ is an excitation of the proton...
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