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Is M-Theory the only possible UV completion of Supergravity?

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    Is M-Theory the only possible UV completion of Supergravity?
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    "uv" ?
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    UltraViolet. The term has generalized in beyond-the -Standard-model-physics and now all high-energy-related-phenomena are called u(ltra)v(iolet)
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    Seems true to me,after all the strong coupling limit of Type IIA and E8×E8 heterotic string theory is an 11-dimensional theory,whose low energy part is 11 dimensional supergravity.I have not seen any other one whose low energy part is 11 dimensional supergravity.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    Given some low-energy effective theory, I don't think its UV completion is necessarily unique. Just because we haven't seen any alternative to M theory doesn't mean there isn't one.

    At the same time, I don't think we really have such a great idea what M theory is, exactly, yet. The worldvolume theory of M2 and M5 branes is still a bit mysterious. And if M theory is supposed to be a strong-coupling limit of IIA, then where does the Romans mass go? There are many questions to be answered.
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    Yeah,that may turn out to be true also.
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    1)I´ve heard that M-theory, if it exist, should be background-independent. Is that true?
    2)And, does Ads/CFT provide that?
    3)Is twistor theory background independent? If so, string theory in twistor space may be also Background Idependent (wouldn´t it?)
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