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Is math graduate school too competitive?

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    I've been considering graduate school in math.

    I go to a small liberal arts school with no math reputation, but a recent graduate got into Ohio State University for statistics.

    I have a lot of research experience in physics/chemistry/biology making mathematical models, and I'm just beginning to partake in topology and differential geometry research for my senior thesis with a professor. I sit around all day and study manifolds and I freaking love it.

    I'm a math/chemistry major with a 4.0, junior year in school.

    I will graduate with calc I-III, linear algebra, ODE, complex variables, tensor analysis, statistics, probability theory, and abstract algebra. My school doesn't offer graduate level courses, so that's out of the question. I also missed number theory.

    I REALLY enjoy research in topology/geometry so I plan to apply to a math REU this summer (I've had 2 REUs in biophysics so far).

    Am I too late in deciding I like math research to pursue a competitive mathematics PhD program? What do these programs usually require?
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    there are lots of really strong mathematicians on faculty in us schools today that have trouble attracting enough grad students, you have an extremely good chance of entrance to a program that can help you achieve your goals. i recommend my school: Univ of Georgia.
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    It's not to late, and you seem to have a solid background. Just some general advice, spend some time looking at prospective graduate schools that that have people who focus in the field you want to study. A good way to find this out is by looking at what university the authors of various books teach at. Once you acquire a list prospective schools, look at what they expect you to have prior to admission, and then work towards achieving those goals.
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