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Is Mechanical Engineering for me?

  1. May 6, 2016 #1
    I really do love the idea of engineering and being able to design and build such things. I'm currently in 12th grade about to graduate. I am going to a two year college before transferring out but I'm struggling to decide my major. I'm taking physics now and I love it, I think it's a great concept to grasp and my grade is an average B. As for math, it's definitely my weakest subject but I have been taking tutoring for the past year. I do believe I have the work ethic to study as hard as I can to be successful.
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    I think if you are interested in design and physics, and think that's what you really want to do, then mechanical engineering sounds like a good choice to start with.

    Personally i overlooked the design aspect before starting my degree, and i really don't enjoy design at all. I knew design would be involved in the degree, and i thought i would enjoy it, but as it turned out, it wasn't what i thought it was! But that's just me.

    Remember also that engineering could be defined as applied physics, hence, if you enjoy physics, you'll probably enjoy engineering, there's quite a bit of physics involved.
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    Loving the idea of something doesn't guarantee loving said something.
    If you aren't already designing and building things you're behind many students that'll enter an ME degree.
    Not to say you can't enter university with no experience and go on to become a successful engineer, just that graduate design engineer roles specifically, are competitive so those with a portfolio of self initiated projects & the associated experience are at a large advantage.
    Of course, most engineers aren't design engineers so there are plenty of other jobs in engineering.
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    @OP@kevin this is a very important idea. I wasn't clear in my first post, but the reason i mentioned my experience of overlooking the design aspect of the degree is exactly why this idea is important. I went into the engineering degree thinking it was one thing, turns out it was another thing. It's good to do a decent amount of looking into your degree of choice before starting.
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