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Is my degree valuable? Question for People with degrees already

  1. Dec 9, 2013 #1
    Hi guys I'm currently in my second year of my physics BSc/Hons degree and just wanted to hear from some people with physics degrees already if it was a worthy degree to choose!! In terms of job opportunities etc.... I really enjoy physics and that is why I choose the degree but I would like to hear first hand about the benefits of a degree in physics :):):)

    Thanks in advanced
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    It depends on a lot. Many get value from their degree, many do not. What do you want out of your degree? Why did you choose it? In my opinion, the best use of a physics BS degree is to go to grad school for a PhD, or other professional science graduate degree.
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    I want to go on and specialise in astronomy and astrophysics! Apart from that I don't know what:)
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    I think that a physics BS degree is very useful for that goal. Its almost a requirement to have a physics BS to study astronomy and astrophysics in a graduate program. If there is nothing else you want from your degree than studying astronomy and astrophysics then you are set. You say you dont know what you want besides that, but I can take a guess... You probably want above average pay at a job you enjoy with respect for your work from friends, family and society. Whether you can get that by studying astrophysics or not is debatable and highly dependent on your personal situation. I think that astronomy might be one of the hardest sub fields of physics to market to employers for a career. Keep that in mind.
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    Yea I know it's a desirable field and I'm certainly nothing special! It's about who you know I suppose:)! I can only try my best! I love the rest of physics too so to be honest as long as I was applying my degree in someway I would be happy :)
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    I am more interested in physics as well, but I went to electrical engineering to study something with better career prospects and applications to real life...
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    That was perhaps a good choice! Since I would imagine you will be doing a fair share of physics? More applications of the physics I would imagine:)
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    Well I'm in the 1st semester at the moment, (this are the courses if you're wondering what we'll be doing http://qa.auth.gr/en/x/studyguide/20000050/current ) and the physics courses are physics I and technical mechanics which is just physics. There are 3 different directions to chose in the 6th semester, energy, electronics&computers, and telecommunications, the last is full of physics, but not sure which one I will pick by that time!
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    Physics is not ideal as a terminal bachelors. Your plans for studying astrophysics and astronomy require such a background. Neither subjects are "good" from a direct to industry point of view; from what I understand, it is highly unlikely that you'll starve or even fall out of the middle class (think 80k+/year), but it's not as smooth a ride as an engineering background.

    I would not recommend it unless you're sure that the sacrifice is worth it, although getting the phd doesn't hurt you as much as some here would have you believe. Do consider more applied disciplines though, such as engineering or applied/materials/condensed matter physics; you can do really cool stuff and transition into industry more easily (or so I've been told).
  12. Dec 9, 2013 #11
    Degree by itself is worthless. Worry not about a degree but the skills you have.

    I will never forget my favorite martial arts coach respond to the visitor's question of "so, how much does it take to get a black belt?" by pulling his own off and saying to the guy "just for you, special deal - 5 dollars!" The latter was obviously said with a thick Asian accent. Lifetime lesson.
  13. Dec 10, 2013 #12
    Hahaha thanks great man!! I'm going to keep that in mind friend!!
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