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An academic degree is a qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study in higher education, usually at a college or university. These institutions commonly offer degrees at various levels, usually including bachelor's, master's and doctorates, often alongside other academic certificates and professional degrees. The most common undergraduate degree is the bachelor's degree, although in some countries there are lower level higher education qualifications that are also titled degrees (e.g. associate degrees and foundation degrees).

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  1. G

    I How does BTU convert to heat in degrees in a greenhouse?

    Information online claims sun is 200 btu per sq ft in winter only when sun is perpendicular to plastic or glass of a green house. When sun hits glass or plastic at an angle there are losses. The steeper the angle the more losses will be. Is it possible to calculate how warm a green house will...
  2. Mohmmad Maaitah

    Evaluating the angle theta using inverse sin

    I just need to know how to find Θ in sin2Θ=0.51 I know I can use Θ = arcsin(0.51) but what about sin2Θ = 0.51
  3. K

    Degrees of freedom (question based on an interview I attended)

    I was asked by an interviewer the number of degrees of freedom (in both translation and rotational senses) this part has with respect to each axis. Indeed I can share what I think of here, but I want to start it fresh and correct. If you were the interviewee, what would have been your answer and...
  4. Alex8932

    Why does a wrist have 3 degrees of freedom?

    The other two movements make use of the wrist and can't be done without it so I see why they are considered to be degrees of freedom of the wrist.
  5. Fractal matter

    A Two degrees of freedom in GR after boundary conditions specified?

    I read there are 2 degrees of freedom in GR after boundary conditions specified. Does that mean 2 equations are enough for EFE equivalent? Those two seem like the amplitude and a phase.
  6. L

    Degrees of freedom and holonomic constraints

    Hi, I am not quite sure if I have solved task 2a and 2b correctly. For task 2a I would say, because of the constraints, that the system has only 1 degree of freedom. Since the vectors must always have an angle of Pi/4 to each other, this would mean that if one vector moves up, the other must...
  7. Ahmed1029

    I Degrees of freedom and constraints

    In case of P holonomic constraints and N particles, I have 3N-P degrees of freedom and I have to look for 3N-P generalized coordinates if I want them to vary independently, but what about non-holonomic constraints? I know if I have N particles and P non-holonomic constraints, I still need 3N...
  8. L

    Job Skills Why is CS in more favorable over other IT degrees?

    So recently what I've been seeing especially on reddit was that people have been praising CS over other IT degrees. Why is that a trend? Is it because other IT degrees are seen as "obsolete"?
  9. H

    I Dimensions vs. degrees of freedom

    Are dimensions the same thing as degrees of freedom? Would you say that a circle is a one dimensional object embedded in a two dimensional space?
  10. Alfredomaximun

    How can the degrees of freedom of a mechanism be obtained?

    Summary: ##M=3\left(n-1\right)-2j_1-j_2## Hi, I'm trying to get the degrees of freedom of a can crusher. So substituting I get ## \begin{array}{l}M=3\left(n-1\right)-2j_1-j_2\\ n=5\\ j_1=5\\ M=3\left(5-1\right)-2\cdot 5-0\\ M=2\end{array} ## And I would think it would be 1
  11. Y

    Programs What Is a Doctor of Engineering Degree and How Does It Work?

    I've recently learned that "Doctor of Engineering" degrees were a thing. It's seems to be a collaboration between the school and the company they work for. Does anyone here have one? Are these programs meant to be completed while continuing to work in industry full time? I couldn't find this...
  12. rudransh verma

    Trigonometric ratios of angles above 90 degrees

    I have been doing the resolutions of vectors on x and y-axis with making triangles and reference angles in all quadrants. But I want to calculate now how to find something like ##\sin 235## without the help of reference angles. I know we don’t need to. Calculator and Taylor theorem is handy here...
  13. pairofstrings

    B Cosine of 1 degree and cosine of 60 degrees?

    Why is cos (1)° = 0.9998? cos(60)° = ½? Thanks.
  14. karush

    MHB Finding x in Degrees: Solving a Quadratic Equation for Trigonometric Functions

    $\tiny{\textbf{7.3.a21 Radford HS}}$ find x in degrees $\quad 3\sin^2 x -\sin x-1=0$ rewrite as $3u^2-u-1=0$ quadradic eq $u=\dfrac{1\pm \sqrt{13}}{6}$ ok this is ?? are we going to have decimal degrees?
  15. F

    I Calculate m (slope) of a line given the angle in degrees

    Hi, I want calculate the m = slope of a linear line WHEN I already know the angle in degrees of the line. Here is an example: I calculate with Excel the angle with the following function: =+DEGREES(ATAN(0.0874887)) and I get as result the angle of 5%. But how do I calculate the value...
  16. J

    Programs Help on Majors and Graduate Degrees as an Engineering Student

    I am a high school graduate planning to enter the Gator Engineering Program at Santa Fe. In the program I'll be transferred from Santa Fe to the University of Florida after 2 years. I am very excited for the program but I am restricted by only being able to major in a select few majors. The...
  17. N

    Physics Physics Degrees and Semiconductor Industry (IC Design?)

    Hello there, im a physics student from Germany and currently in my second semester of a Bachelor of science. Lately i have become increasingly interested in woking in the Semiconductor Industry and I am currently reading the book "But how do it Know" by J. Clark Scott and i think it is really...
  18. N

    Virtual and real image with concave mirror at 45 degrees

    I have a spherical concave mirror with focal length of 65cm, radius of curvature of 130cm. I hold the mirror close to the eye at approximate 45 degrees and I reflect an object below it as shown in the image. The distance between the object and the mirror is 90cm, that is more than the focal...
  19. Like Tony Stark

    Degrees of freedom of "simple bicycle"

    Hi I thought that a bike could be simply modeled as two wheels attached by a rigid bar. If the wheels move without sliding, then there is one degree of freedom: one of the wheels moves and so does the other one since they are rigidly attached by the bar. Then, if the wheels can turn to the right...
  20. AN630078

    Why do we not need to convert from degrees Celsius to Kelvin?

    I understand that the Kelvin scale begins at absolute zero and that the Kelvin scale may even be referred to as the absolute scale. As the units begin from a definite zero and increase with equal amounts of energy being added to the particles of the substance being measured (at equal intervals...
  21. Kaguro

    Degrees of freedom with a particle and a rod

    The rod itself should have 3 translational+2 rotational DOF. The particle on top of the rod has one additional DOF. So total should be 6. But answer given is 4. What I'm thinking wrong?
  22. W

    I What do physicists mean by "local degrees of freedom"?

    When physicists talk about a theory having local degrees of freedom, what is exactly meant by that statement? What are examples of theories with local degrees of freedom and what are examples of theories with no local degrees of freedom?
  23. A

    A The chi square goodness-of-fit test with no degrees of freedom left

    I have an empirical frequency distribution as for example below: ##f_{2} = \, \, \, 21## ##f_{3} = 111## ##f_{4} = \, \, \, 24## The theoretical distribution is determined by two parameters. So for a chi-square goodness-of-fit test there are actually no degrees of freedom left. Yet the...
  24. S

    I What is the Dimension of SO(3) with Constraint det(O) = 1?

    The group ##\rm{O(3)}## is the group of orthogonal ##3 \times 3## matrices with nine elements and dimension three which is constrained by the condition, $$a_{ik}a_{kj} = \delta_{ij}$$ where ##a_{ik}## are elements of the matrix ##\rm{A} \in O(3)##. This condition gives six constraints (can be...
  25. LCSphysicist

    Degrees of freedom in a molecule

    I am not understand the solution of the letter b and c given by the author. Since Cv = NfK/2, we have Cv/N = fK/2. Now, the degree of freedom of a N linear molecule is 3(trans) + 2(rot) + x, where x is the degree of freedom due the vibrational motion. I am having trouble to calc x, could you...
  26. P

    Calculation of time taken for a motor to rotate an object 360 degrees

    How would I go about calculating the time taken for the motor on page 2 to move the attached beam 360 degrees? Things such as the rpm and voltage are given in the attached data sheet for various different motors and you can reference anyone you like. I'm more interested in understanding what's...
  27. Y

    Programs Dual Master Degrees - Worth it?

    Does anyone here have a masters degree in engineering, and then a second one in systems engineering ? I'm considering it because I can get help with the costs. I do systems engineering on electrical systems. So I see some possible advantages to getting both. I already have a masters in...
  28. jk22

    A Going to higher degrees to obtain other solutions?

    Suppose the equations of motion coming from GR in Schwarzscild spacetime for constant radius : $$\ddot{\theta}=\cos\theta\sin\theta\dot{\phi}^2$$ $$\ddot{\phi}=-2\cot\theta \dot{\phi}\dot{\theta}$$ $$\dot{\theta}^2+\sin^2\theta \dot{\phi}^2=C(onstant)$$ Could it be that by solving this system...
  29. Connor

    Programs Western Governors University: Legit Online Degrees?

    Lately I stumbled upon Western Governors University and they happen to offer online degrees in computer science and they also offer a degree in cloud computing. I was wondering does this online university seem legit? They seem to be regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges...
  30. LCSphysicist

    Degrees of freedom of a water molecule

    Well, first of all is really good to say that we don't can appeal to quantum mechanics... So, i can see: Three degree of freedoms in translation on a space xyz +3 degree Three normal modes of vibration, but each normal mode has with it a potential and vibrational kinetic energy, so +6 degree...
  31. H

    A Degrees of freedom of thin rods

    (Note: I had this question posted at the intermediate level of difficulty for 11 days, but got only one, cryptic (to me) response that was rather quickly removed. So, I figured perhaps it's actually an advanced question, requiring more than a cursory understanding.) Assuming they've had an...
  32. G

    B How is frost possible at 39 degrees F?

    How is frost possible at 39 degree F
  33. Pushies

    CoM reduced by total body height when bending your knee X degrees

    Lets say that a man with a standing height of 185cm bent his knee 30 degrees, how many centimeters will be reduced from his standing height? Assume his femur length is 60cm and his tibia (shin) length is 50cm. Can anyone give me a hint? I've tried to use trigonometry but i don't think i fully...
  34. S

    Thermodynamic state having 2 degrees of freedom (i.e., for properties)

    I'm trying to delve into the reason why this is so. It seems that there are 5 fundamental properties: P - Pressure V - Volume (specific) T - Temperature S - Entropy (specific) U - Internal Energy (Yes, there are other types of energy, but they are fully determinable from these 5 - e.g...
  35. tanaygupta2000

    Understanding Energy of Particles with 'x' Degrees of Freedom

    I've learned that for a particle having 3 degrees of freedom, its average energy is 3/2 kT. So for a particle having 'x' degrees of freedom, its energy should be xkT/2. So what is the use of given E = ax6 here? Please help!
  36. stephen weber

    I What are the degrees of freedom of a quark?

    In computer science we simplify lots of things down to arrays. Tensor equations just show the symmetries between these multidimensional arrays. And any model of a quark in our ordered world must have N degrees of freedom. The term called Degrees of Freedom is simple enough. For example a XYZ...
  37. F

    What is the Entropy at ZERO Degrees Kelvin?

    Planck states that all perfect crystalline system have the same entropy in limit T approaches zero,so we can put the entropy equal zero.Can we demonstrate that or is it only a presumption?
  38. Frigus

    B Why do we need values greater than 90 degrees?

    I can't understand how can we assign values greater than 90 to trigonometric functions as right angle triangle can't exist if one angle is more than 90 degree. For example if I say sin 30 according to me it means that ratio of perpendicular and hypotenuse is 1/2 at 30 degree but how can we say...
  39. X3FeynmanAlfven

    Physics Masters Degrees that eventually lead to a career in Plasma Propulsion

    Hello, just wanted to know what is recommended after undergrad Physics to get into a career developing electric propulsion systems, or anything to do with Plasmas and future propulsion devices?
  40. Some new guy

    Torque of two screws at 180 degrees

    Two screws set 180 from each other. They are being used to clamp something between them. The object is able to move freely before clamping but is not able to compress. Tighten one screw (a) until it touches the object. Torgue the other screw (b) to 45 in-lbs. What is the resulting torque to a?
  41. L

    Courses Uni course and Degrees confusion: BEng, BSc

    Hi Im current in last year of HND mechanical (100% distinction so far) and have HNC in general engineering (100% distinction). Im better at the research and piratical bad at exams (diffucult reading and writing and slow comperhention skills and expression using writting what i want to...
  42. J

    The association of degrees of freedom with temperature

    I delved a bit into the kinetic theory of gases and it got me wondered how it is discovered that the temperature, and thus heat capacity, is dependent on the number of degrees of freedom of a molecule or atom. I know that from the piston experiment a certain constant value can be found for the...
  43. S

    I Question regarding degrees of a graph and its biconnected components

    The problem is for us to consider a biconnected decomposition, and that proof for a graph, the degrees of all the vertices in a graph is even iff the degrees of all the vertices in all of its maximal biconnected components is even For solving that if the degrees of all the vertices in the...
  44. S

    I Explanation of spin degrees of freedom with respect to the x axis

    Hey Guys/Gals i understand the general premise of this question and can calculate the solution but i am a bit confused. I am supposed to represent a generic state as a linear combination of the |-,x> , |+,x> basis vectors. However i don't know why, is the question actually asking for the...
  45. P

    If the farmer has 15 hectares of vegetables then what is the size of farm?

    Solution : the vegetable sector is 30 degrees, then you multiply it by 15 hectors of land, to find out the size of the farm. Correct me, if I'm wrong please. Thanks
  46. J

    Interpretation of distance mentioned as degrees

    What is the image that comes to mind/meaning behind the above statements where an objects is seen/appears 'to be (angle) diameter of the Earth? My interpretation is that if the given angle is drawn with one object as the vertex then the diameter of the second object subtends the given angle.(?)
  47. T

    Programs Viability of International Degrees (from the US perspective)

    At the moment, I am accepted to a few universities for statistics and data science programs (I was told there were a fair number of data scientists on this forum and the question applies more generally as well). One of these programs is in Finland at the University of Helsinki. I'm incredibly...
  48. O

    Shaft/Axle Degrees: Help Finding Solution

    Hi! I need help with a task. I have done previous calculations on the shaft, but I'm stuck now, as I'm going to find out how many degrees the shaft is twisting from point C to D. I have calculated bending/shear stress, torsion stress and the last stress that i don't know in english, but the...
  49. E

    Why does Celsius temperature in degrees have +/- signs, since it's scalar?

    Why does Celsius degrees have +/- signs, since it's scalar?
  50. A

    How Long Will It Take A Tank Of Water To Warm to 70 Degrees

    Hopefully someone can help me with finding the answer to the 2 related questions/problems below: QUESTION/PROBLEM how long will it take a 200 gallon tank of water to warm up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, in a room with an ambient temperature = 80 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% relative humidity? how...