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Is my professor v. fast, or is it normal in colleges?

  1. Jan 18, 2014 #1
    Is my professor v. fast, or is it normal in colleges??

    My 2nd semester of my college degree has just started. My maths course has

    Linear Algebra
    Eigenvalues and Eigen-vectors
    Fourier Series
    Laplace Transforms
    Complex Variables

    So far I bought, GF Simmons(textbook) for differential equations. In a week, I barely managed to finish ch-1, which my prof. did in 1 lecture, that's one hour. In one whole week, that is 3 hours, he finished whole 1st order Linear Equations, and has started 2nd order; which he says he is sure to finish in 2 days.

    Now I am, due to my tendency to remain ahead of profs., is very much uncomfortable with it. Strictly speaking, I am way behind him.
    The question is "Is my professor going too fast, or is it normal in college?".

    The problem is also with my schedule...my college in addition to daily up-down takes 13 hours a day...or 58 hours a week (Friday has only 6 hours to its share).
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    Based on the choice of topics that sounds like a math methods course and most courses of that nature are similarly paced.
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