Is My Russian Military Hip Flask Actually Made in China?

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In summary, the conversation discussed a stainless steel hip flask purchased on Ebay that was supposedly of Russian military origin. The flask had a picture of Lenin and a flag with a Cyrillic word on it, but also had a stamp of a hammer and sickle and the word "RUSSIA" in English on the bottom, which was not shown in the Ebay pictures. The person questioned whether Russia would use English on their military items, and others suggested that the flask was likely a souvenir made in China. The conversation also mentioned that official Russian military flasks are typically made of aluminum, painted olive drab, and worn on a belt, and that the phrase "Made in Russia" is now commonly used, though in Soviet times it was written
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I bought a stainless steel hip flask on Ebay supposedly russian military. Picture of Lenin and a flag with a cyrillic word on it over a red star.

On the bottom it's stamped with a hammer and sickle and RUSSIA (didn't show that in the pics on Ebay). Would russia use the word RUSSIA? I would expect cyrillic or something, not english. It's well made I just didn't want something made in china. Their stainless usually isn't. Anyway, I checked online a bit but couldn't find the answer.
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The Russian Military probably wouldn't write anything in English any more than the U.S. military would stamp "Соединённые Шта́ты Аме́рики" on something.
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Russian Military "style"?
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I would expect 'Россия' or 'СССР' (Russia or USSR).
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What you got is not at all a military style. (I'm from Russia.)
Military flasks (or canteens) in the Russian Army (and in former USSR) are made of aluminum and their volume is 0.75 liters. They are painted olive drab (or khaky as it's written in the link below) and are oval in shape. They are no hip flasks at all and are worn on a belt.

It could be a sort of souvenir that you got, and supposedly it's made in China.
Sorry to disappoint you... :-(
Here is a link:

These days some companies use the word Russia in the phrase "Made in Russia".
However, most still use Cyrillic inscription: Сделано в России
Back in soviet times, it was: Сделано в СССР

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1. What is the origin of my Russian military hip flask?

The origin of your Russian military hip flask can vary depending on the specific flask in question. However, it is possible that it may have been made in China, despite being labeled as "Russian".

2. How can I tell if my Russian military hip flask is actually made in China?

One way to determine if your Russian military hip flask is made in China is to look for any labeling or markings on the flask itself. Often, products made in China will have a "Made in China" label or marking somewhere on the item. If the flask does not have any labeling, it may be more difficult to determine its origin.

3. Is it common for Russian military hip flasks to be made in China?

It is not uncommon for products labeled as "Russian" to be made in China. Many companies and manufacturers outsource their production to other countries, including China, in order to save on costs and increase profits. This means that even though the flask may have a Russian design or name, it may still be made in China.

4. Will the quality of my Russian military hip flask be affected if it is made in China?

The quality of your Russian military hip flask may not necessarily be affected if it is made in China. China has a large and diverse manufacturing industry, and there are certainly high-quality producers in the country. However, it is always important to research the specific manufacturer and read reviews before making a purchase.

5. Are there any potential concerns with purchasing a Russian military hip flask made in China?

One potential concern with purchasing a Russian military hip flask made in China is the authenticity of the product. As mentioned earlier, many products are labeled as "Russian" but are actually made in China. This can be misleading for consumers who are expecting an authentic Russian product. Additionally, there may be concerns about the labor practices and environmental impact of the manufacturer in China. It is important to do thorough research and consider these factors before making a purchase.

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