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Is numerical analysis interesting?

  1. Jan 15, 2009 #1
    I am picking courses for next semester and am torn between a numerical analysis class or one on Fourier series and wavelets. The n.a. course fits my schedule way better but every book and syllabus I have browsed concerning numerical analysis has seemed uninteresting--more like a branch of CS than pure math. Just wondering if anyone had an opposing viewpoint. Thanks!
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    I found NA interesting, I even learned to program a very bit in Fortran.
    Interpolation was nice and many other stuff... but when it comes to matrices I didn't like it anymore. Overall that was a nice experience for me at least. And yes, interesting.
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    If you have an interest in CS then you will probably find it interesting. However, numerical analysis is also extremely useful. It is used in virtually every technical field.
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