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Is quantum entanglement fully understood?

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    I came across this phenomenon during my undergrad quantum mechanics studies, but haven't delved into it very much.

    I'm interested to know though, if theory for quantum entanglement is complete?
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    You are asking several questions which depend on your definition of the words for an answer. I will give you one take.

    Generally, you could say that the theory for quantum entanglement IS complete. That is because it is mostly described by Quantum Mechanics, which is often labeled as "complete". The basic principles and underlying theory have not changed in decades. In fact, a debate about the completeness of QM started in 1935.

    Please don't take the above as meaning that entanglement is fully understood. That is a different question altogether. I would say that we are learning much about entanglement every year, and I am not sure it will ever be fully understood.

    How's that for straddling both sides of the fence! :smile:
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    Well, one could question whether ANY theory is complete.

    What they have is mathematics that predicts a certain type of unpredictability.
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