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Is R^n Euclidean Space a vector space too?

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    Dear Physics Forum personnel,

    I am curious if the euclidean space R^n is an example of vector space. Also can matrices with 1x2 or 2x1 dimension be a vector for the R^n?


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    No clue what you mean.
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    As for the second question, I mean if the 1x2 matrix (a1, a2) or its 2x1 form (column vector) can be considered as a vector for the R^2 since the R^2 is basically the collection of real numbers in the ordered pair (a, b)?
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    There is a linear isomorphism between the ##1\times 2##-matrices and ##\mathbb{R}^2##, yes.
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    The Eulclidean space Rn is geometric- there are such things as points and distances defined but no "operations". A vector space is algebraic we must have operations such as sum and scalar multiplication defined. Of course, for, finite dimensional Rn, we can define the sum as (x1, x2,... , xn)+ (y1, y2, ..., yn)= (x1+ y1, x2+ y2... , xn+ yn) and scalar multiplication defined as a(x1, x2, ..., xn)= (ax1, ax2, ..., axn). If we consider those operations as "natural" then we can think of this as a "natural" correspondence between Rn and an n dimensional vector space.[/sub][/sub]
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