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Admissions Is race still an unwritten factor for admissions?

  1. Jun 10, 2012 #1
    I've recently been reading some articles and discussions:


    And I know formally, schools can't discriminate based on race, right? So are people just being paranoid when they say there're different admissions standards for, say, Asian-Americans (as the articles above note)?
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    "And I know formally, schools can't discriminate based on race, right?"

    I've never heard of that. AFAIK schools are among the most openly discriminatory institutions.
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    yeah schools openly discriminate on the basis of sex and race. Pick any major USA school and I am willing to bet somewhere on their website they openly state "minorities" and women have an edge in admission. At least for physics/math programs.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. The USA is a country with so many fine schools that you will end up somewhere with great faculty, and resources. Other countries have less Universities than the USA, and just a few are that good (if at all) at specific areas. However, admission practices may also differ.
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    I'm a white male, and I managed to get into a physics/math program at a very good school that is filled to the brim with minorities and chicks. The minority/woman thing is overblown in importance.
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    Bakke says you can't have explicit quotas, not that it can't be a factor in admissions.

    EDIT: After a little reading, it explicitly says that race *can* be a factor in admissions. However, you can't exclude candidates *solely* because of race, and in the Bakke decision, Berkeley had a pool of admission slots that were only for minority candidates, and this was found to be illegal.
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    Yes, according to university policy makers too great a percentage of white people creates an unhealthy academic enviroment.
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