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Is space, time and energy linked?

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    Einstein said that space, time and energy are linked. On a program at discovery science, they said that he got right about it, because it led to the atomic bomb.
    So it's not just a theory, but a fact that they are linked?
    How did this realy led to the atomic bomb?
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    Hi altairz,

    Einstein's input on the atomic bomb was the old chestnut E=mc2, the principle is clearly shown by the atomic bomb in the sense that he says a large amount of energy can be released from a small amount of matter, of course it's worth mentioning, being a strong pacifist, that I'm sure he never had the atomic bomb or anything along these lines in mind when he came up with this - of course until Hitler (different story/thread).

    In 1938 a couple of German chaps called Fritz Strassmann and Otto Hahn split a uranium atom, this along with the state of Germany at the time led to discomfort among a group of lesser known physicists who went to Einstein who was convinced of the problem signed a letter addressed to the President of America at the time (Roosevelt), leading to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-1_Uranium_Committee#Briggs_Advisory_Committee_on_Uranium", which was to study the reactions of uranium, progress was slow, very slow, until the British did a report which said an atomic bomb could be ready to use in 1943, this prompted more research to be conducted, cue the Manhattan Project.

    So it was more the fact that nuclear fission was discovered which lead to the realisation and fear of the potential of such weaponry that sparked the bombs to be designed, of course it was Einstein's principle which lead to the logic behind the bombs from this discovery.

    Hope this clears your question up a little.
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    Space time, and energy are linked because the curvature of spacetime itself is the curvature of matter , which in turn is the curvature of energy which produces gravitional radiation, commonly known as gravitational waves ; Yhe curvature of matter creates the manifestation on mass and energy. also , the gravitational field is the result of the curvature of matter. Just like maxwell equations govern how electric fields and magnetic fields are derived from the charges and currents of atoms, the metric equation governs how the energyy and momentum react to changes in the curvature of space time.
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    They ARE linked....try here:

    You can also read further to see how space and time combine INSIDE black holes.

    Einstein's theory clearly led to relationships between space and time...via Herman Minkowski.
    ultimately many componets we view as separate around us in the current low energy state were once part of a unified high energy but unstable initial condition...in other words, space, time, all the forces, ebergy,etc are all different aspects of a grand unified initial condition at the big bang....so far only the three forces (strong,weak, electromagnetic) have been convincingly shown to have a unified mathematical origin (a common formulation)....all within the standard model of particle physics.....gravity remains outside that...even more of a mystery...
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    The invariance of physical laws under time translations (an experiment conducted today will give the same results if conducted a year from now) can be seen as giving rise to the conservation of energy- see Noether's theorem. So, there's one link.
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