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Is testorone in woman inherited?

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    Do it inherited genetically or it has something to do post natal like food, habit, or anything? Im not yet googling it
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    jim mcnamara

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    Testosterone levels in normal females exists but the level is lower than in normal males. Age plays a role as well.
    The primary expression of testosterone is a sex trait in males, which means the level of testerone increases during puberty.

    Some medical conditions cause elevated testosterone levels in females, for example PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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    So testoterone in woman is a mistranscryption of DNA i interprete it?
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    Please explain exactly what you mean. Women normally have testoterone, what are you looking for?
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    I mean did it passed by genes? Or X chromosomes
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    It is normal for both males and females to have testosterone in their bodies.
    Males will normally have more.

    There are many differences between men and women. Testosterone levels is one.
    Normally gender differences between men and women are determined by their genetics (X-chromosome), but that effect is made manifest through a complex molecular system of sex determination and differentiation.
    Sometimes things can get mixed up (in embryonic development or by some later event).
    This or other events could change testosterone levels in either men or women.
    There could also be a strictly genetic effect that change testosterone levels, such as destroying a gene encoding an enzyme used in it production (it would not have to be on the X or Y chromosome).
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    Nah that was i looking for
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