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Is the "Big Bang Theory" is on it's last breath?

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    This statement of your is based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Big Bang theory actually is. The Big Bang theory is a theory which describes the expansion and evolution of our universe from very early times to today. Ideas like the one posted in this article do not present any challenge whatsoever to the Big Bang theory, because they deal with physics before the Big Bang theory was valid.

    Much of the misunderstanding here is due to the very unfortunate language attached to the theory, which is perhaps in part a result of the very name "Big Bang" being coined by an opponent of the theory, and the extremely unfortunate habit of many publications and scientists to talk about the Big Bang as if it were a specific event that occurred and is described by the Big Bang theory.

    For the very early universe, cosmologists moved beyond the Big Bang theory decades ago. There is a fair amount of debate as to what theory most accurately describes the universe before the Big Bang theory was accurate, and the physical evidence is so far, unfortunately, rather scarce. But work continues.
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    As E.Bar.Goum has mentioned, this question is already being discussed in another thread, so this thread is closed.
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