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Is the equation(s) in this photo legitimate?

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    I am an undergraduate student beginning my journey to be a physicist. On that basis, things like this intrigue me even though I cant read it. Is the equation(s) in this photo legitimate? If so, what do they mean?

    If you are unfamiliar with this man, he is currently in prison for barraging a theater crowd with automatic weapon fire during the premier of the movie, The Dark Knight. Later, after being arrested, he was sent to court where he claimed to not understand why he was there facing murder charges.

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    So someone just made this up and posted the guys picture?
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    Yes, as far as I know.
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    The first line is the 1 dimensional wave equation followed by one of its solution, namely the electrical part of a plane wave.
    In the middle there seem to be a bit of special relativity related equations and as Astronuc said the last part the equations are quantum mechanics related (Schrödinger's).
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