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Is the Pineal Gland behind the Body Of fornix

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    Is the Pineal Gland behind the Body Of fornix?

    I look at so many photos and it look like it is right behind the Thalamus but inside the body of Fornix?
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    This really seems like a question that a simple google search would have answered. Type in "pineal gland body of fornix" and read any one of the first ten results.
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    Thank you for the help and I just googled it.

    It says it is Behind the Thalamus but I want to know if it is Behind the Body Of Fornix?
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    And all the photos show it hanging from a thin Vain from the Sinale Cord I just get more mixed up?
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    I keep doing google searches but they do not tell if it is behind the Body of Fornix.

    It just says near the Center of the Brain???
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    The very first result is a video showing both the pineal gland an the body of fornix in the brain. A few results down from that is a series of pictures with arrows pointing out each of the structures. Do you have some reason to believe that the pictures are wrong?

    You've made several threads on the first page alone, and all of them (without exception) are questions that could be answered in about 10 seconds on google.
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    No I have Bad eyes and can not make the photos out to good.?
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    Thanks but

    Thank you for getting back to me but because I have bad eyes 3D Models do not help me to good.

    But I did find something on the Net that may help me.

    I looked up where the Pienal Gland is and found a lot of topics.

    One says the Pienal Gland situated beneath the posterior part of the corpus callosum.

    Now if I understand what they are saying is this.

    The back end of the corpus callosum right under it is the Pienal Gland?

    Now from what I know about the corpus callosum it is a Band of Fibers that conect the Left and Right sides of the Brain.

    I know it is 4 inches long and goes from the Left side of the Brain and wraps around the front and goes to the Right.

    And I know this is above the Thalamus.

    So if I understand how it goes it is like this.

    Under the Back end of the corpus callosum in the Middel is the Pienal Gland. And it is befor the Body of Fonix?
    Do I have it now?
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