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Homework Help: Is the system in translational equilibrium?

  1. Jan 31, 2008 #1
    Ok, I need to clear a little conceptual misunderstanding and I hope some of you will be kind enough to help me.

    Consider a mechanic turning a wrench about a nut. He exerts a force that is perpendicular to the wrench.

    Is the system in translational equilibrium? Is there a reaction force at the nut such that it will give a net resultant force of zero ?
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    any help? :confused::cry:
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    is there something wrong with my question :sigh: last and final bump
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    I too have two questions :-)

    Whether the center of mass of the wrench remains stationary?

    Whether the system with the nut is free to move and still remains in equilibrium?
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    centre of mass of wrench does not remain stationary

    System is free to move and to display translational motion.

    Oh, I get it, if the system is not free to move, that means that there will be a reaction force at the nut correct??
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