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Is the universe large and finite, or infinite?

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    Dear Sir,

    If we consider the Big Bang Hypotesis , the age of the universe and the rate of expansion ogf space, the Universe could be very large , but finite.
    But Prof Sean Carrol said , in a lecture , that there's a possibility of Infinite Universe.
    Please elaborate.
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    Is the Copenhagen interpretation valid nowadays ?
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    Please ask only one question per thread. Your two questions have nothing to do with each other and this will cause confusion.

    I will assume the thread is to be on the first question.

    What is there to elaborate? The size and shape of the universe are unknown. The universe might be finite but unbounded or it might be infinite. If it is finite, the shape is unknown.

    If it is infinite now, it was infinite at the earliest times (finite things don't become infinite) and this is something that is difficult to imagine for some people, that it could START at infinite size.

    EDIT: Also, I encourage you to use subject lines that have some meaning. "Mr." is not a helpful subject line
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