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Is there a convenient parameterization for muon radiative losses in matter?

  1. Sep 3, 2007 #1
    The muon energy loss equation (at high energies) is:

    -dE/dx = a(E) + b(E)E

    where a(E) represents the ionization losses (Bethe equation), and b(E) represents radiative losses (bremsstrahlung, pair production, photo-nuclear).

    From what I have read, at high energies for high-Z materials, radiative losses dominate ionization losses (beyond the muon critical energy). I am ok with the ionization part but is there a simple way to represent the radiative losses (b(E)E) for a certain Z or density?

    I can't seem to find anything, even though on the graphs you see of energy loss v. energy, the radiative losses seem to pretty much follow a straight line.
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    I take it that's a 'no' then!
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    Perhaps these are of interest



    from a CERN Physics Reference Manual (from Geant4 Users' Documents)

    This might also be of use:

    Muon Bremsstrahlung and Muonic Pair Production in Air Showers.
    Some good references.

    Or use seach Google with "muon","bremsstrahlung","cross section"
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