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Medical Is there a genetic component to laziness?

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    The question is the title of the thread. I am curious about the matter, because i read that alot of personality traits have an genetic component.
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    Define laziness. There are probably genes that can make someone lethargic, surely. More subtle personality traits might also have a genetic component, but I'm not well read on the subject. Identical twins seperated at birth and not reunited until a study could be a powerful too to elucidate the details of inherited personality traits. I'm aware that many twins are being studied, I wonder how many of those studies have been strictly controlled so that twins don't convince each other that they have the same traits.
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    What do you mean by subtle personality traits?

    I am too 'laziness' to try the dictionary. In any case, i am sure some research psychologist might have thought of laziness as a personality trait, but might have consider it to be too controversal.
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    More subtle than lethargic is want I meant, ie lazy. I did not find genetic studies into laziness in the literature.
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    Isn't laziness more of a value judgement, than a personal trait? A person is not inclined to exert energy in the way that another person wishes, and therefore they are lazy.
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    I never use more energy than I have to. Well, actually a lot of times I use too much. I am a very animated greeter.
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    I think its not a matter of genes but a matter of environment which effect the activity of the person.
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