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Component-based software engineering (CBSE), also called components-based development (CBD), is a branch of software engineering that emphasizes the separation of concerns with respect to the wide-ranging functionality available throughout a given software system. It is a reuse-based approach to defining, implementing and composing loosely coupled independent components into systems. This practice aims to bring about an equally wide-ranging degree of benefits in both the short-term and the long-term for the software itself and for organizations that sponsor such software.
Software engineering practitioners regard components as part of the starting platform for service-orientation. Components play this role, for example, in web services, and more recently, in service-oriented architectures (SOA), whereby a component is converted by the web service into a service and subsequently inherits further characteristics beyond that of an ordinary component.
Components can produce or consume events and can be used for event-driven architectures (EDA).

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  1. hraghav

    Finding the x component of position vector

    I first calculated the time using y = (viy)(t) + 0.5gt^2 where y is the vertical displacement which is 0 for the ball landing back on the ground, viy is the initial vertical velocity ie 16.55m/s and g = -9.8m/s}^2. I get 2 values for t, t=0 and t= 3.377s. Then using the equation x = (vix)(t) =...
  2. daisy7777

    Frames of Reference: Using tie-downs to hold a load on a flatbed truck

    I calculated the net force. I got 6500. I determined this is bigger than the force of static friction so the force of friction acting on the object must be kinetic. From there I got kinda lost. I know for the component to not slip Fnetx = 0 and Fnety = 0. But I'm not sure what to do from there...
  3. andymag

    What is electronic component R22CC1 and why is it rotating?

    Hi guys, I am trying to make sense of an electronic component, but have found nothing on the internet. Does anyone know what this component with the label " R22CC1" is? The half cylinder shaped part ist rotating. Thanks a lot in advance. Bests Andy
  4. F

    Symmetrical component example: can't understand solution

    Ok, now I'm studying symmetrical components. Im using Stevenson's Power System Analysis book and example 11.9 asks for the zero sequence circuit of the example 6.1 in the same book. Here's the example and the solution: Here's example 6.1, so we can see what is the circuit: Here's the...
  5. Bob Walance

    JavaScript How to associate several component events to one JavaScript file?

    I am creating a web page that will have several buttons on it. When a button is pressed it will play a tone or combination of tones. With the Google Web Designer application, I can create a simple page with one button on it. I'm able to associate the clicking of that button with "Custom Code"...
  6. brainbaby

    Dragging a component from "supplier search"- Altium Designer 17.1

    Dear viewers, As I am using an Altium designer ver 17.1, I am unable to drag a component from the supplier search to the schematic sheet (.SchDoc). I am stuck. Could anyone help me to rectify what the problem is? Thanks
  7. Dario56

    Extraction Flash Calculation - 4 Component and 2 Phase System

    I am performing extraction flash calculations for 4 component and 2 phase system. For anyone somewhat shaky with what extraction flash calculation is; extraction is performed, feed composition is known and we are calculating compositions of both phases at equilibrium, mole fraction of every...
  8. Boltzman Oscillation

    I How does the magnetic component of an EM wave affect surroundings?

    Hi all, as we all know EM waves are made up of magnetic and electric waves in a plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation. Given this, why don't I see conductors being affected when I shine light at them? Woulnt the magnetism cause a force? Is is that the force is too small? What am i...
  9. Swordwhale

    Fourier transform radial component of magnetic field

    Hello everybody! I have a question concerning the Fourier transformation: So far I have experimentially measured the magnetic field of a quadrupole but as the hall effect sensor had a fixed orientation I did two series, one for the x, one for y component of the magnetic field, I have 50 values...
  10. K

    B Locus if velocity component is zero

    Figure shows a locus of the figure axis of a symmetrical top on a unit sphere such that ##\dot{\theta}=\dot{\psi}=0## at the upper bounding circle. Where ##{\theta}## is the polar angle and ##{\psi}## is the azimuthal angle. Suppose the figure axis is at the upper circle, since...
  11. ergospherical

    A Prove Fermi-Walker Transport of Gyroscope's Spin Vector w/No Applied Moment

    With no applied moments, it is asked to prove that a gyroscope Fermi-Walker transports its spin vector ##S_{\alpha} = - \dfrac{1}{2} \epsilon_{\alpha \beta \gamma \delta} J^{\beta \gamma} u^{\delta}##. In a local inertial frame ##u^{\alpha} = (1, \mathbf{0}) = \delta^{\alpha}_0## and...
  12. C

    Component Name and Where to Purchase?

    Noob to anything mechanical. Working on a project that requires the same mechanics of a rowing machine (I think)- whereas I need a retractable pull cord that will spin a wheel. The cord will retract as the wheel keeps spinning. Pulling on the cord again will engage the wheel (even while its...
  13. A

    Silicon and Germanium semiconductor mixtures used in component manufacturing?

    Can Silicon and Germanium semiconductors mixture (chemical reaction) with some other chemical elements (if required) assist in creating new and existing robust electronic components? Si + Ge + ? + ? = Can this assist in quantum computing?
  14. C

    The Force components acting on an object

    Another user suggested adding the forces in the x and y direction then dividing by 1.4. Doing this for A) gave me 4.285 which was wrong any suggestions?
  15. W

    Principal component analysis and data compression in Machine Learning

    I wonder how to accurately perform data compression on the m x n matrix X using PCA. Each row is a data point, and each column is a feature. So m data points with n features. If I like to go k < n dimensions, how is the correct way of doing so? How to I accurately create the matrix W_k, which...
  16. river928323

    Maintaining Component Temperature with Water Bath

    Using water bath to maintain temperature of the component
  17. J

    I Is the Wavefunction a Contravariant Component?

    I've heard that the wavefunction as a function of x has units of square root of inverse distance, but I haven't heard an intuitive description of why this is aside from that the math works out when you integrate to get the probability. But aside from the math working out, I'm hoping to get a...
  18. J

    Compton Scattering - Find x component of electron momentum

    So I can find the initial momentum using p=h/wave = 4.98 x 10-23. Now my problem is that I don't know the final momentum of the photon nor electron, I just know the photon is scattered at an angle of 34 degrees. I know how to solve this problem if I was given the final wavelength of the light...
  19. M

    B Are photons entangled with a component of the atom that emitted them?

    If an atom were made to release a Photon, then a number of the components of the atoms nucleus were theoretically extremely quickly removed. would the previously emitted photon change wave length?
  20. Urika

    Engineering Checking a component for a lathe slideway for straightness

    SCREENSHOT OF FIGURE ATTACHED! A component for a lathe slideway was checked for straightness by means of an autocollimator and a reflector carriage whose base length is approximately 100 mm.The instruments were arranged as depicted in Figure 1. The reading at each position, starting at end A...
  21. yucheng

    Component forces of a pendulum

    I refer to the website below (for more information): http://www1.lasalle.edu/~blum/p106wks/pl106_Pendulum.htm#:~:text=The forces acting on the,the tension of the string.&text=The net radial force leads,is v2/r.) P.S. I'll insert my specific questions in the following paragraphs in this format...
  22. H

    I Principal Component Analysis with dependent variable?

    So I found a paper, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022231314006048?via%3Dihub which concerns a property of a compound called "Quantum Yield", which is a result of various factors (independent variables). The authors are trying to figure out what factors affect the quantum...
  23. T

    Can a non-energized electrical component deliver a shock?

    I'm not an electrical engineer. I'm a truck driver. So please don't expect me to know much about electricity. This is a serious question. If an electrical part (such as the contacts of a contactor) has no voltage, can the electrical part shock a person while the electrical part has no voltage?
  24. J

    How to Measure PCB Impedance and Component Coupling?

    I am designing a PCB with multiple capacitors on it. I would like to measure the board impedance to compare it with results from Ansys Q3D. I can connect it to an impedance analyzer and easily get the impedance. I have recently thought about other meaningful measurements that I may be able to...
  25. mcrooster

    Help finding the vertical component of the reaction at C

    Hello everyone, For this equation, I have found Ay as 0.677kN by using Ma = 1.5kN(7m)-Ay(15.5m). To find Cy, would I be using the sum of forces to find the answer? For example Fy = Ay - F2 - F1sin55 + Cy = 0 This would then get Cy answer as 2.05kN
  26. teroenza

    Help Identifying a Component (TO-220)

    I've come across an array of pump laser diodes (IPG brand, PLD-6-4) wired in series with a 3-terminal component I can't identity. I suspect it is a voltage or current regulator, but can't seem to Google-up any info on it. Markings are "PHP 21N0GLT PHm0501E2". TO-220 package, red and black wires...
  27. S

    B Exploring Differential of Vector Component vs Change During Parallel Transport

    I'm reading 'Core Principles of Special and General Relativity' by Luscombe - the part on parallel transport. I guess ##U^{\beta}## and ##v## are vector fields instead of vectors as claimed in the quote. Till here I can understand, but then it's written: I want to clarify my understanding of...
  28. Rongeet Banerjee

    How can I find the DC component of an Output Sinusoidal Voltage?

    I had previously solved this using Root Mean Square method by integrating the value of voltage from t=0 to t=T/2 and then from t=T/2 to t=T.Answer was Vo/2½.Yesterday I found this question👇🏾 if I followed the previous approach then: 5 volts is not even in the option. How can I find the DC...
  29. E

    Pressure force on curved surfaces: vertical component

    hi guys, i can't understand why they calculate F yin this way, the part of floor that is the vertical proyection has less water than the floor in the left so i tought Fy would be less, please can someone explain this concept to me?
  30. Hiero

    Thermodynamic identity (math) question: one component system

    I was just wondering what is wrong with the following logic; From the Gibbs-Duhem relation we get, ##\frac{\partial \mu}{\partial P}\Big\rvert_T = v## Now consider, ##\frac{\partial v}{\partial \mu}\Big\rvert_T = \frac{\partial }{\partial \mu}\Big (\frac{\partial \mu}{\partial P}\Big\rvert_T...
  31. S

    B Defining the derivative of a vector field component

    I'm reading 'Core Principles of Special and General Relativity' by Luscombe, specifically the introductory section on problems with defining usual notion of differentiation for tensor fields. I'll quote the relevant part: Since the equation above is a notational mess, here's my attempt to...
  32. Wrichik Basu

    What is the metallic circular component in this voltage sensor?

    While searching for something else, I stumbled upon this https://robu.in/product/voltage-sensor-module/. It is idiotic to buy something like this, because a voltage divider doesn't cost more than a few cents. But what is the metallic circular component in the middle of the sensor? Some kind of...
  33. S

    I Clarification on a statement about spin 1/2 z component related to x and y

    Hello, I have a question about a statement made on a YouTube physics lecture I was (am) working through chapter 4 section 4 (4.4) - “Spin” of Griffiths. (only because I own this book ) I found the YouTube lectures by searching for phrases like “quantum Griffiths online lectures”. One of the...
  34. Adesh

    Why does the current have no ##\phi## component in a toroidal coil?

    These are images from the book Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths . . . My problem is that I'm unable to understand how the current has zero ##\phi## component (I have underlined it in the first image)? I do understand cylindrical coordinates, I know...
  35. J

    Devise a no longer available component for use in Target 3001?

    Hi, I am trying to eventually produce a schematic from a populated circuit board using the program Target 3001. I have been carefully locating and identifying as many parts on the board as possible for ease of placement later, but there is one problem: the board has an old nine pin flyback...
  36. K

    I Energy Component 0 of 4 Momentum Vector P

    The energy is the 0-th component of the four momentum vector ##p^\alpha##. How is called the component ##p_0 = g_{0\alpha}p^\alpha##?
  37. S

    I Component definition in curvilinear coordinates

    I'm watching this lecture that gives an introduction to tensors. If we have a coordinate system that's an affine transformation of the Cartesian coordinate system, then the projection of a vector ##v## (onto a particular axis) is defined as ##v_m = v.e_m## or the dot product of the vector with...
  38. maistral

    2D advection-dispersion velocity component for fluid flow in a pipe

    Pardon if the answers to my questions are obvious, because as usual I am trying to decipher everything on my own (as the material has not been taught to us quite well; then again it's graduate school). I just need someone to reassure me that I am understanding this correctly. Say for example I...
  39. lachgar

    How to form the stress tensor component from the equilibrium equation?

    Good evening everybody. This is my suggestion for answer. The tensor is diagonal and the compression is a plane stress equilibre equation div(σ)=0 so: So, does that means that = f(y.z) = Ay+Bz and =f(x.z)= Cx+Dz A,B,C and D are constants. Is that what the question meant? Thank you in...
  40. Arman777

    Proving an Equation for a Single Component Flat Universe

    I am trying to prove that for a single component flat universe $$\frac{dz}{dt_0} = H_0(1 + z) - H_0(1 + z)^{\frac{3 + 3w}{2}}$$ For a single component flat universe, ##q = \frac{2}{3 + 3w}## ##a(t) = (t/t_0)^q## ##t_0 = qH_0^{-1}## ##1 + z = (t_0/t_e)^q## Now here is my approach...
  41. jk22

    I Photon Speed Addition: Can it Be FTL?

    It is well known that relativistic speed addition is a non-commutative group (gyrogroup). The addition of two orthogonal speeds is given by : ##\vec{u}\oplus_\perp\vec{v}=\vec{u}+\sqrt{1-u^2/c^2}\vec{v}## Hence if ##u## is describing a photon with speed c then we can add whatever ##v## it...
  42. M

    Calculating Component Values in this Low-Frequency CE Amplifier Circuit

    Hi guys , i need help. How do i calculate C1? fu=25Hz
  43. S

    How to decide which component is best in terms of stress and deformation?

    Summary: In terms of stress, strain & deformation, what is better for a given component. 1) low stress or high stress 2) less strain or large strain 3) less deformation or large deformation? Some dimensional changes were made in an existing component to study how these changes effect the...
  44. S

    Use of an Impact Test in the cross section design of a component

    If I have impact test data showing energy absorbed by notched specimen, how do I utilize this data while designing. In my case, i am trying to design the valve which closes by striking on valve seat, how do i use the impact test results for this design?
  45. berlinspeed

    A Semicolon notation in component of covariant derivative

    Can someone clarify the use of semicolon in I know that semicolon can mean covariant derivative, here is it being used in the same way (is expandable?) Or is a compact notation solely for the components of?
  46. berlinspeed

    A How Do You Derive the Riemann Component?

    Can someone please show how to write as ?