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Is there a link between dream and language?

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    Animals dream and have no word, so articulate language is not necessary to dream and may be to think.
    Since one preceded the other, may be there is a relation.
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    We dream what we experience.
    Dogs dream of running. Cats dream of catching mice. (we think)
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    What study are you basing this off of? Please post a link to the study or studies and a small quote to the specific area of the study that your question comes from. This forum isn't for "random thoughts".

    Thank you.
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    The origin of language is still unknown.
    My question should have been: are there any studies linking dreams to the origine of language.
    The fact that aninals dream without the benefit of words suggest to me that they also think without words and even may have some sort of consciousness.
    Animals growl when they sleep, people too and since language must have started somewhere, i posit this is a serious possibility worth digging in.
    Random thoughts, unless they are meaningless should, in my opinion, be permitted.
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    Words (and hence language)might be limiting brain capability.Man has a developed rational centre in prefrontal cortex I think.Dreams have many explanations .One old explanation is that while sleeping,connection of prefrontal cortex is closed and no rational check is there so dreams may have no logic to us about their content.
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