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Is there a weapon that beams particles like a taser?

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    My friend insists she is being "hit" with something that causes her pain. She has no diseases that would cause the pain. At first I thought she imagining things but after further investigation, there are reasons to believe her. She said she saw three different persons have a baton or wand which they waved at her as they drove by her house. That doesn't sound like a taser. I did some research on different kinds of weapons but I couldn't decide which kind it would be. She said she was hit on the head several nights ago. She didn't describe a shock feeling like a taser, just extreme pain. She told me some other weird things which I found were true so there has to be a weapon that could cause pain without inflicting a wound. Would that be a proton beam or a delta beam or what? Any ideas?
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    Skizit, I've just seen your other thread too. Sounds like you're paranoid. Get a grip!
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    I've got to agree, this really does sound like paranoia. I think we're really getting into tin-foil hat territory here!
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    The only thing that can really do what you described is a microwave emitter, which are usually mounted on the back of Humvees.
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    Actually, the pain and all may be from some things that are worth checking out as a medical problem. The whole syndrome may be a small tumor to severe imbalance in blood chemistry, or ?? Worth looking into ...
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    Brewnog, I wish I were paranoid. A microwave transmitter sounds plausible. What would block microwaves? I'm looking for a scientific possibility. Paranoia is always a possibility. She's had psychiatric testing with no positive results for psychiatric abnormalities.

    This lady said someone was on her roof every night beaming something at her. I didn't believe her so I went and spent the night with her. Night after night I would see nothing except one night I saw a man in a hazmat suit walking on the sidewalk in front of her house. He walked to the side of the house, jumped the fence, I heard him on the roof, heard him jump off, there was a thud and then I saw him jump the fence and walk away the same way he came. This lady has a white roof. Maybe the total body white hazmat suit was a camoflage or a protection from something in the attic like fiberglas insulation. If there was something hidden up under the roof or in the attic, that would explain that. From that time on I believed her when she said there was someone on the roof. I have had her prove each and everything she claims. I've got to find out the possibility of this kind of a weapon.

    When you know someone is on the roof, there is some reason to believe perhaps that they may have state of the art tools perhaps a taser, a microwave beam, a particle weapon. These guns may have been Buck Rogers at one time, but they are a reality in 2008. We're just trying to figure out what it may be. When you are "hit", it causes pain in your head, heart palpitations, a buzzing feeling around your body. It may be microwaves, soundwaves, particles, etc. Just thought someone might know.

    I have read about the new mounted weapon not used much yet which uses sound to blast into a crowd for crowd dismissal. That goes away as soon as the persons move out of the way of the beam so is effective in dispersing crowds without harming anyone so I know there has to be a comparable handheld weapon that can cause pain like a cattle prod. I have been researching the possibilities.

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    There are no such weapons, and certainly not in the size you are suggesting. And it certainly is puzzling why anyone would use such technology on your friend.

    There is no physics content here other than guesswork, which is against our Rules.

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