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Is there any form of relationship between quarks and quanta?

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    I am a junior in high school and after I spent some time studying quarks and antiquarks, I continue to raise more questions about their relationship to other fundamental quantities. I tried searching the internet for answers but the posts I've been reading only raised more questions for me. Are quarks related to quanta in any way? If they are related, what is their relationship to each other? Do quarks emit or absorb energy when they form subatomic particles? Is it possible to measure the amount of energy emitted from quarks if they do? Is there any known way to predict whether quarks will form a hard or soft or black or white electron? According to the concept of superposition, electrons have been observed to 'alternate' between characteristics of hard or soft and black and white, does this have anything to do with the behavior of the quarks that makeup the electrons? How can this be proven? Is there any mathematical relationship that answers any of the above questions?
    Please clarify if I have any misconceptions about these particles.
    - Akeel
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    Hi Akeel

    Please post your questions in the appropriate forum. This section is for introductions only.

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