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Is this a good analogy to quantum entanglement?

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    [Sorry for asking so many questions by the way, but I enjoy learning ;) ]

    I've always been kind of confused with quantum entanglement, and what it means experimentally, but I just read something that someone posted on another website:

    Is this an accurate analogy to the situation with quantum entanglement? If so, this is probably the clearest explanation of it I've seen yet.
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    Ken G

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    It's not a bad analogy, but it isn't the same thing as quantum entanglement. For one thing, any time you look at your die, the entanglement with the other die is broken for any future "shakes" or your die. But that can sort of be fixed by just shaking it once, without first looking at it-- as long as you don't take the analogy too seriously (shaking a real die would decohere any of its entanglements). It's just pretty hard to get a perfect analogy without it being the genuine article, so as analogies go, that one seems not too bad.
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