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Is this an error in Srednicki?

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    On p104 of Srednicki's QFT, he does an integral in closed form, equations 14.43 and 14.44. I just ran the calculations for this in Mathematica, and I get his answer exactly except for my constants [tex] c_1=4-\pi\sqrt{3} [/tex] and [tex] c_2=4-2\pi\sqrt{3} [/tex].

    The mathematica code I used to generate this was:

    Then collecting the terms in k^2 and m^2, you find the constants I posted above, rather than the very similar but different Srednicki ones.

    It's not listed on his errata page if this is an error, perhaps I am missing something? just seems very close, to not be correct.
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    Oh sorry, I literally saw the second I pressed send, that he also subtracts a [tex] \tfrac{1}{12}\alpha (k^2+m^2) [/tex] in 14.43 that I left off.
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