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Is this the lost science fiction authors line?

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    Hi all,

    I'm Trey Howell, a science fiction author who is trying hard to tell it straight, but my physics skills are poor at best. I have three published works, titled The Man and the Moon, The Station Heist, and Fury of the Mistress, Part One. They're all inter-related. I like to pretend that it's "hard" science fiction, because I try hard to do the math and make sure it's all somewhat plausible, while still having events like train-launched rocket trapeze acts.

    Right now I'm working on Part Two, and I seem to have cornered myself with some ballistic trajectories that don't make sense, which I posted about in Classical Physics. I will... quite likely be coming back often with more questions. I ain't no rocket scientist, but my father is. Nevertheless, we manage to cause more problems we can solve.

    Have a nice day!
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    In case it helps, you might not have yet seen there is special sci fi subsection here.
    There you can post ideas which may not be currently accepted science as long it's it not completely ridiculous.
    Welcome to the forum
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