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Science Reading List for Science Fiction Authors

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    This question is for the scientists and academics out there. What books on the scientific disciplines do you wish Science Fiction writers would read? I can think of books written by people like Brian Epstein and Michio Kaku. Another source would be textbooks. Anyone out there have any thoughts or preferences?
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    Not a book, but Brian Green's fabric of the cosmos video series will give you new perspectives. What is space (It isn't "nothing"), Really cool explanation of the rationale for multiple universes in one of them. Great explanation of space-time and relativity, etc etc.


    For books, just head down the list in the section that interests you:

    Same here:
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    A basic children's book on physics ( seriously).

    I like the above suggestions. Names like Brian Greene, Leonard Susskind, Lawrence Krauss...popular physicists who find that reality is more amazing than fantasy. The latter two who are not concerned about correctness and will call something 'a pile of crap'.

    I like to read biographies. Depends on one's interest. However reading a biography of Darwin, Von Braun, Einstein, etc. can give perspective into a discipline and how science becomes 'science'.

    Susskind, Lawrence
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