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Medical Is using melatonin to help fall asleep safe?

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    My mom got some and I'm wondering if it's safe to use. Is it actually effective? And are there any other issues associated with it?
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    I've used melatonin for quite a few years, 500 mcg tablets, one or at most two, to promote sleep. I find it effective, and without problems.

    I'm unaware of any safety issues associated with its use, although you will have slightly more, shall we say, "lurid" dreams. :)

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    Please be careful when self medicating. Always see your doctor before you decide to use over the counter medications.

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    The timing that melatonin is taken is also of importance, it can deregulate sleep rhythm when taken at the wrong hour.
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    Melatonin has very few side-effects in the short-term, as long as you don't overdose. The main problems with overdosing is hypothermia.

    However, I would avoid it unless you have serious problems with sleeping. Animal studies are showing that it increases the risk of cancer, and damages the retina.
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    Being a Doctor's Assistant, i'll say Melatonin is completely safe and can be taken to fall asleep but make you'll consult your Doctor before taking it....
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