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I've finally accept that the universe is unimaginable

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    Everyday I sit and think about the universe, and after some thinking I always end up letting my imagination run wild with what could be out there, what space is and is there a creator ect.

    Then it's like getting smashed in the face with a wake up call... I can't possibly imagine anything in the universe.

    The size of the universe is literally unimaginable, our brains can not comprehend the distances.
    The size of objects is unimaginable, even our own sun is extremely hard to visualise and that's absolutely tiny on the grand scale of things.
    The speed of light is impossible to imagine, travelling around the Earth 7 times per second.
    The enormous energy produced by universal explosions such as supernovae, which is equivalent to about 10 octillion megatons of TNT.

    And finally the most brain crushing question of them all, this is where I'm hoping I can get some help. Does anyone find it absolutely impossible to grasp the concept of something (energy) having always existed, the "stuff" that created that tiny peice of infinitely dense matter that turnt into the big bang.

    Sometimes I think it's like a mouse trying to figure out the workings of a jet engine. It's just impossible! Although a caveman trying to figure out the workings of a jet engine would have been impossible too so hopefully if humans live long enough and our understanding becomes greater it may not be too difficult to not only visualise this stuff but actually grasp it.

    There should be a word specifically created for describing how ridiculously massive the universe is. Maybe that word is universe... come to think of it xD
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    You are correct these things are way beyond our experience and we cant really imagine them. But , we shoudlnt neglect the amazing progress that has been made, that we know how mass of the sun compared to the Earth, the size of the observable universe etc. is pretty amazing.
    We dont the eneggy density of the universe at t=0 was infinite. That prediciton from applying general relativity to a regime where quanutm mechnical effects should dominate. Proposed theories of quanutm gravity do not predict infinite desnity.
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    I saw an article that claims human IQ is increasing...so maybe there is more hope than you think!! If we can unite GR and QM via a theory of quantum gravity some the issues of concern will begin to be understood.
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    "Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road":smile:

    Physics is fun at any stage of comprehension, just enjoy the process. The angst of not knowing some of the answers is all part of it, it works to keep you motivated. Take a lesson from our old friend Feynman:

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    Shut up and calculate:redface:
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    Bell John - Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics

    http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/FTFreeLearningKits/03-PH-Physics,%20Chemistry%20and%20Free%20Energy/040-PH04-UN02-03-Quantum%20Mechanics/J.%20S.%20Bell%20-%20Speakable%20And%20Unspeakable%20In%20Quantum%20Mechanics.pdf [Broken]
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    The Flynn Effect.
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