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J-Chess program - opening moves and strategy

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    I saw an older topic for this, but the moves they posted on the topic didn't work on the version I play. Can anybody figure out how to beat this one. It says play chess against J-chess below the Five Steps to Victory.

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    Sicilian opening. Castle. Attack blacks castle with queen, knight and a rook. Strike pawn to the far left with the queen protected by the rook and check mate. Wasn't too difficult.
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    Isn't the Sicilian a defense for black?

    It's a slow program, and isn't as difficult as some other free chess programs. Play defensivly and an opening should present itself.
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    I have been trying that. It almost worked but He moved his rook over after castleing and plus he had his knight protecting his pawn on the far left so I couldn't move there.

    EDIT: Never mind I figured it out and got chekmate! :) thx
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    A newer version of jchess is here.

    It's a decent sparring partner. Not too difficult to beat though as long as you don't goof. it lacks strategic and tactic intuition and is happy to make large strategic errors, like advancing kings pawns for a chance of some short term gain.
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    No idea. I use it as one of my offensive strategy when playing white.

    Edit: Come to think of it, the opening I used is actually called the Spanish Opening.
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