What is Strategy: Definition and 121 Discussions

Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship") is a general plan to achieve one or more long-term or overall goals under conditions of uncertainty. In the sense of the "art of the general", which included several subsets of skills including military tactics, siegecraft, logistics etc., the term came into use in the 6th century C.E. in Eastern Roman terminology, and was translated into Western vernacular languages only in the 18th century. From then until the 20th century, the word "strategy" came to denote "a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a dialectic of wills" in a military conflict, in which both adversaries interact.Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve goals are usually limited. Strategy generally involves, setting goals and priorities, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources). Strategy can be intended or can emerge as a pattern of activity as the organization adapts to its environment or competes. It involves activities such as strategic planning and strategic thinking.Henry Mintzberg from McGill University defined strategy as a pattern in a stream of decisions to contrast with a view of strategy as planning, while Henrik von Scheel defines the essence of strategy as the activities to deliver a unique mix of value – choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals. while Max McKeown (2011) argues that "strategy is about shaping the future" and is the human attempt to get to "desirable ends with available means". Dr. Vladimir Kvint defines strategy as "a system of finding, formulating, and developing a doctrine that will ensure long-term success if followed faithfully." Complexity theorists define strategy as the unfolding of the internal and external aspects of the organization that results in actions in a socio-economic context.

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  1. alexmurillo242

    Mathematica Piecewise Time-Dependent Hamiltonian in Mathematica Strategy

    Hi all, I'm doing some light simulations for an experiment I'm going to be running soon. I've ran through the math symbolically on paper but I'm not exactly eager for handling this large of matrices by hand so I'm trying to work through it and see if I can generate a simulated signal to compare...
  2. theycallmevirgo

    Other NSF grant strategy advice for my 2-year school

    I've been out of school for over a year because of some drastic physical health garbage, and I'm thinking about going back in 3-6 months, to a 2 year school. One of the schools a little further down from me has a big grant from NSF...
  3. H

    B Optimal Final Jeopardy Strategy: All In or Zero?

    Once in Final Jeopardy the first contestant held $1000 with the other two tied with $12,000 apiece. The first bet $999 and got the question wrong, leaving him with one dollar. The other two both bet their entire stake and got the answer wrong, leaving them with zero dollars. The first...
  4. X

    MHB Betting Strategy: Win Profits 90% of the Time

    Looking for help to try an make a profitable strategy off the example. payout= 1:1 Using 4 rounds the strategy wins 1 of 4 rounds 90% of the time, the other 10% it loses all 4 rounds Rules: if any round is won that game is over, else keep betting till all 4 rounds over The question is how to I...
  5. X

    MHB Gambling Strategy Help: Win 90% of 4 Round Games

    Looking for help to try an make a profitable strategy off the example. payout= 1:1 Using 4 rounds the strategy wins 1 of 4 rounds 90% of the time, the other 10% it loses all 4 rounds Rules: if any round is won that game is over, else keep betting till all 4 rounds over The question is how to I...
  6. I

    Comp Sci Calculations regarding slow-start strategy (TCP congestion control)

    Like I said, I was taught during the TCP congestion control lecture what is the slow-start strategy, how it works & looks in a very high level, we never saw anything related to parameters and calculations, and after the test she gave the entire class a bonus of 35 points because she knew it...
  7. nomadreid

    Strategy for scheduling with preference constraints

    A computer program that was supposed to handle this was bought and tried, and it made a mess of it, so the idea is that perhaps it would be easier to give a strategy to someone (computer savvy, but an amateur, not a professional ) to program (not requiring too much power of the computer on which...
  8. T

    Do strategy games and real time strategy games improve brain function?

    Hi, just wanting to know the answer to this. What parts of the brain do playing these games stimulate? What effects do playing these games have on the brain? what brain functions do they improve or strengthen? more specifically I mean the games call to power 1 and/or empire Earth 1. Note that i...
  9. T

    A Optimal strategy for repeated coin toss game - with possible bias

    You are given the opportunity to play a game where a coin will be tossed 10,000 times consecutively. You have a starting bankroll of $1,000,000. The coin may be biased (you are not given any information as to what the probability or the degree of bias might be). A bet on either heads or tails is...
  10. E

    Strategy for interference problems

    For instance, consider two sources of light ##S_{1}## and ##S_{2}## where ##S_{1}## is emitting with a phase angle ##\frac{\pi}{4}## greater than ##S_{2}##. The light from ##S_{1}## travels a straight distance ##d_{1}## through a medium of refractive index ##n_{1}##. The light from ##S_{2}##...
  11. G

    MHB Winning Strategy for 5467500000-Cube Chocolate Bar Game

    Consider the following game. Two players alternately break vertical or horizontal lines from a rectangular chocolate bar. In each move the player can break one or two lines, either vertical on the right or horizontal from below. The chocolate bar in the upper left corner of the plate is...
  12. E

    Strategy for drawing equipotentials

    The only one that I can see is for the potential $$V=-\frac{2GM}{3r}$$ since the midpoint of the two masses satisfies this equation. The only other useful inference I can make is that the most negative potentials closes to the surface of either planet, and the lowest potentials will be far away...
  13. E

    Find the atom using a quantum oracle

    My attempted solutions was, for example let's say we have 4 atoms, and if i ask the oracle about any two atoms that are connected by edge, i can narrow done some possibilities to two atoms. I'm still not sure where i am going with my solution, but if any of you can think this through and come up...
  14. Telemachus

    MPI: domain decomposition strategy

    Hi. I'm trying to parallelize my code. I am new at MPI, I'm learning the basics. I want to use a domain decomposition strategy in my code. I've been reading a bit, and wanted to use this subroutine to exchange points between neighbors. I've started by trying to modify a code presented by Gropp...
  15. J

    MHB Expected Value of Gambling Strategy - Martin's Winnings

    This question comes from the "Introduction to Probability" book (Blitzstein & Hwang). Martin has just heard about a gambling strategy: bet 1 dollar that a fair coin will land heads. If it does, stop. If it lands tails, then double the bet for the next toss, now betting 2 dollars on heads. If it...
  16. M

    MHB Probability : Voting problem - Game strategy

    Hey! :o I am looking the following: There are 1 Million voters. 2000 of them know exactly that they will vote for A, but the other 998000 will decide if whether they will vote for A or B in the voting booth using a coin. With which possibility will A get more votes? At a quiz we get...
  17. alijan kk

    Equation of Circle Passing Through Given Point and Line with Given Radius

    Homework Statement Find an equation of the circle passing through: A(-3,1) with radius 2 and centre on the line 2x-3y+3=0 Homework Equations x2+y2+2gx+2fy+c=0 r2=g2+f2-c The Attempt at a Solution using this equation , i have found 2 equations -6g+2f+c=-10 by putting (-3,1) -2g+3f+3=0...
  18. Chris Kelland

    Striving to determine a strategy of Goods production

    Thinking about establishing a network across campuses in the U.S that would involve on campus groups producing the utensils, straws and cups, etc.. for the campus cafeterias. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what technology would be best to most efficiently create pretty...
  19. Z

    B Strategy for a Lottery-Style Draw Application

    Here is a problem that should be simple for most anyone on this forum but I thought it might be fun to throw it out there . . . Background: There is a certain 4 day (or so) river float in Montana that is so popular that about 20 years ago the state decided to limit floaters by issuing float...
  20. E

    About the strategy of reducing the total suffering in a queue

    This is my funny theory (may be I have found already known things...).Let us assume the following abstract situation. We have a special place where people can get some kind of service (for instance any bureaucratic office). There is only one service clerk who spend a fixed time (we will call it...
  21. C

    Studying Can I Get an A- in Any Class with These Strategies?

    What're the best strategies or techniques you've used in order to get at least an A- in any given class?
  22. J

    Solution strategy for linearized gravity problem

    [Moderator's note: moved to homework forum.] Hello there, I am stuck at a problem, and I need some hits/solution strategy to get going. Suppose we consider linearized gravity, and there is some mass, ##M## at the origin at some unknown coordinates the metric is $$ ds^2 = -(1 + 2 \phi)dt^2 +...
  23. trigger701

    Studying What is your academic reading strategy?

    Does anyone have any good reading strategies which they use to plough through academic papers? I'm currently a little bit daunted by the amount of stuff out there that would be worth reading, and it's almost paralysing me a little. Advice on any of the below would be useful: - Deciding what to...
  24. Chronos

    I Dark Energy detection strategy

    This paper; https://arxiv.org/abs/1701.03418, Direct Probe of Dark Energy through Gravitational Lensing Effect, addresses a potential means to measure dark energy over cosmological distances. Perhaps I am a bit slow, but, I found the basic idea sufficiently simple and obvious that I am surprised...
  25. C

    Traction question -- Best braking strategy in snow and ice

    When driving on snow and ice does engine braking (by downshifting) provide more traction than applying brakes in a slow and controlled manner?
  26. A

    A A strategy better than blind chance

    This is an interesting riddle from here: http://www.brand.site.co.il/riddles/201607q.htm I'm having difficulty understanding the problem. If each hat is black/white with 50-50 probability, independent of the colors of other hats, then the probability of winning for n=2 is always 1/4, no matter...
  27. W

    I Game Theory: Strategy for game with non-square payoff matrix

    Hi, suppose two players are a playing a game with a non-square payoff matrix, like for example this one: ...a...b... A: (1,3) (1,0 B: (0,0) (2,1) C: (3,1) (0,3) How would one go about finding an optimal mixed strategy for something like this? I mean, if this was a 3x3 matrix then one could find...
  28. FallArk

    C/C++ Survive the Maze: A Game of Strategy

    The instructions are given below: I'm thinking about using array to print out the board and then assign different values to display the bomb and where the user is. Then use a switch statement to make all the potential if statements i will use much cleaner. Am I on the right track at least? But...
  29. brainbaby

    Phase shift issue in Dominant Pole Compensation strategy....

    Hello guys please help me on this... The next hurdle in my understanding of frequency compensation comes as following… As the text says… My problem is that as we move from point 1 to 2, the frequency increases so the phase shift should also increase..(as phase shift depends on frequency)…...
  30. X

    Physics Skipping Postdocing and becoming a professor strategy

    If I spend 8 years in grad school but publish lots of papers, let's say 20 as first author and have a very good thesis can I skip being a post doc and go straight to being a associate professor? Also let's assume the Ph.D and professorship is in theoretical physics.
  31. P

    Throttling Strategy for Steam Process

    ohk, let me make it more clear for you, the situation is we have a boiler generating steam at 23.5 barg, which is throtlled down to 12 barg for import/ export, this 23.5 barg steam is throttled down to 3 barg by another valve to use in heat exchanger, and then this 23.5 barg steam is throttled...
  32. B

    Is this a good idea for studying mathematics?

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am an undergraduate student in US and an inspiring applied mathematician in the fields of theoretical computer science. I recently have been reading a book called "Joy of Learning" by Hironaka Heisuke, a mathematician and Fields Medalist (1970); the book seems to...
  33. C

    Writing: Input Wanted Designing drone army defence for a loosely populated planet

    Setting info - take it as granted. Strategy - treat it as an open issue, if you see an alternative solution, please suggest it. Setting - natural conditions Planet to defend - Earthlike, tidal locked around red dwarf, water world, cold, 3 atm Main weakness point - gates - that allow...
  34. S

    Is the popular 4x4 winching strategy of a single block correct?

    Question – A single block reduces the force on the pull by ½ and double the length of the rope pulled and double the pulling force? This is the typical quote made on all popular 4x4 winching sites. I have found...
  35. S

    I need a study strategy for actuarial exams

    i really need help with studying the actuarial exams. My issue is I am not studying 'smart. and with the difficulty of the exams, studying hard won't get me through. I passed exam P, but I studied way too hard for it; ie 1 year for 5 to 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. It ended up with me...
  36. Moriarty

    What's your "master blaster" strategy for solving problems?

    We had a running gag in my tutoring center whenever someone has a problem with integration, we ask them if they've used the "Master Blaster" to solve it. It stems from my friend who, when we were in Calc BC, he would always use RK on an integration problem to see if it would work. We had a...
  37. A

    RISK: Can Strategy Affect Probability of Winning?

    My friend proposed to me this problem, as we were playing the boardgame RISK (rules written here http://www.hasbro.com/common/instruct/risk.pdf if you don't know em, I guess the relevant bit is really p10-11). Let's say I want to capture 2 territories, A and B, with 2 and 3 defending pieces on...
  38. eseefreak

    Discrete math study strategy - Tips and advice

    Hi everyone, I haven't been successful in Discrete Math this semester. I have finished all of the calculus I-III series and I did very well. I want to know if anyone can give me some tips on how to study for my final coming up in a few days. Now, I understand that is a vague question but I am...
  39. M

    Learning strategy for mechanical design (machine elements)

    Hi, I would like to establish a advancing/learning way to learn and understand machine elements. Today I tried to search for hydrodynamic radial sliding bearings on search engines but I have find only two results. Is something wrong for it? it should have another names...
  40. Greg Bernhardt

    Best early game strategy for chess

    I've started to get back into chess. I never had any formal training and was never very good. A friend of mine has got me playing against him via a phone app a few times a week. What is a good basic strategy for me to use? Especially interested in early game. Thanks!
  41. C

    Need a strategy for independently studying physics for molecular bio

    Hello all; I'm in an odd position. I graduated with a degree in molecular biology 2 years ago and now work in a quality control lab for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. My job involves doing things like running gene-amplification reactions for recombinant microorganisms used in drug-production...
  42. P

    Could Games be the Most Effective Strategy of Learning Physics?

    As you can see, children of this generation really misuse a games purpose. When, you can study things, and find out the comparisons of the physics to the "law of physics". You see, you can find the gravitational acceleration in just a building game. I'll speak more later
  43. N

    Help understanding proof that a winning strategy exists for Chomp

    Homework Statement Chomp is a game played by two players. In this game, cookies are laid out on a rectangular grid. The cookie in the top left position is poisoned, as shown in Figure 1(a). The two players take turns making moves; at each move, a player is required to eat a remaining cookie...
  44. S

    Can't find a good study strategy

    So it's been 10 years since I've been out of college, and this year, I've decided to realize my goal of becoming an actuary. My problem is that I keep failing the first preliminary exam. I know that these exams are supposed to be tough, but at the rate that I'm going, technically, I should...
  45. P

    Bar Swinging Up After Collision - Strategy

    Homework Statement A uniform bar of mass m and length l is suspended on a frictionless hinge. A horizontally launched blob of clay of mass m strikes the bottom end of the bar and sticks to it. After that, the bar swings upward. What is the minimum initial speed v of the blob of clay that...
  46. B

    An optimal strategy to blend two probability estimates

    Two mariners report to the skipper of a ship that they are distances d1 and d2 from the shore. The skipper knows from historical data that the mariners A & B make errors that are normally distributed and have a standard deviation of s1 and s2. What should the skipper do to arrive at the best...
  47. jbrussell93

    New strategy for upper level physics?

    I am a sophomore physics major and having worries about the junior/senior level optics class that I'm currently enrolled in (Optics by Hecht). The prerequisite for the class is only intro physics II which I had last semester but I fear that I still have some catching up to do. A lot of the...
  48. K

    Studying Strategy for studying the PGRE

    I am taking the PGRE in April and started studying for it this winter. I initially took the 2008 test and was struggling. Then I decided to break the test into sections. First studying only the E&M questions, then mechanics, and so on. I figured out how to do most of the problems after working...
  49. T

    Confused about Taylor Expansion Strategy

    In many of my physics classes we have been using Taylor Expansions, and sometimes I get a bit confused. For example, I feel like different things are going on when one expands (1-x)^-2 vs. e^(-Ax^2), where I just have some constant in front of x^2 to help make my point. To keep things simple...