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Jake Brown @ X-Games 13 45 Foot Fall

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    Posted on reddit.

    Does he translate a partial amount of vertical energy into horizontal energy?
    when he bends his knees, he seems to "push off" before he hits the ground. I can definitely believe he timed it, and that he has enough coordination / gusto to come up with a life-saving plan in under a quarter of a second.

    Is this is why his shoes pop off so wildly, because the plan was to translate as much vertical motion into horizontal, since obviously the floor is not flat, but curved?
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    I was at a pizza place today when I saw this and... Crazy!
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    I was eating dinner...until that happened!!
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    Wow. Was he hurt? That looked crazy. Worse than the exaggerated bails from THPS!
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    Even though he was up and walking away at the end, he was clearly very stiff. I'm surprised they let him walk away after that and didn't take him by ambulance just as a precaution. To my somewhat untrained eye, it looked like he was still guarding his side, and definitely limping. Clearly knocked the wind out of him, and he was looking still winded while walking. Maybe they just walked him off to get to an ambulance just out of the view of the spectators? Does anyone know the outcome?

    From his fall, he did manage to get himself righted in the air and rolled as he landed, that's about the best one can hope for in a landing. The curve of the ramp right there probably did help, again, in my non-expert opinion, just because he's not hitting it all at once and stopping, but was instead rolling more to a stop.

    Do those ramps have more "give" in the curves? I'm also wondering if that helped if it's a bit springier there for the ramp to have absorbed more of the initial impact rather than him taking it all in his body.

    After an impact like that, I'm surprised he doesn't have a broken pelvis...it looks like he hit hardest with his hip. I'm sure his whole side is quite black and blue if nothing else. I think they should have taken him immediately to check for any internal injuries after a fall like that. He may not have had any broken bones (though, from the way he looked like he was breathing, he may have cracked some ribs), but that doesn't mean he didn't have any internal injuries.

    Other than that, I'm guessing if he got away without any serious injury, that it may all be chalked up to young, strong bones, and good flexibility for muscles and tendons to stretch rather than tear.

    Does anyone have a follow-up on the incident to know what the actual extent of his injuries wound up being?
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    They said he fell from about 50 ft. Last time I heard, he suffered a bruised lung and was still in the hospital.

    What would be a better way to land in a fall like that? On your side, or on your legs? Personally I would have chosen to shatter my legs than risk internal organ damage by landing on my side.
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    Saw it yesterday, amazed he walked away. I like when Hawk right after the fall says "I can't believe he made that 720", lol.
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    I'm sure you don't do skate boarding with out learning to fall, comes with the territory.

    AAMOI, Ninjas (real ones not TV ones) Can fall 60 ft without sustaining injuries, maybe they should study the way of falling?

    Saying that I don't study ninjitsu and not having any experience with falling I'd probably end up in hospital in the same situation. Which just goes to show it's a tough sport. :eek:
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    Landing on your legs, you have more potential problems than just shattered legs. I think instinctively I would land the way I do in judo, flat on my side and my arm out flat (about 45 degree angle from my body to arm)... However, the way he fell was probably better. It looks like he landed a tiny bit on his feet, and rolled onto his side.
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    That was insane! It's like he was pushed out of a 4th story window.
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    If you land on your feet from what I've seen you can control the fall by tumbling, so I guess it depends on the martial art. You bend your legs slantwise on impact and roll with the terrain, the idea is to try and keep contact with the ground over the maximum possible area of your body. Going quickly to your side and over, you've probably seen a swift parachute landing where they do this. In this case though it looked like he did all he could, and that wasn't much, but no doubt his experience helped.

    In Tai Jitsu (Ninjitsu's martial art) their landing techniques are pretty much Judos.


    This is obviously staged but I love the techniques. You got to worry about what sort of breakage of limbs would happen if they followed up the moves where they could easily snap an arm break a leg or kill, not just if they weren't very competent at falling and in a safe environment.
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    Yup, the way they do their rolls and falls (ukemi) at the beginning is essentially the same. Also, the way they land from the throws is the way we fall in judo. **BTW, I noticed one of them landed with their legs crossed... Males learn quickly to NOT do that, but it still does happen on occasion :eek:

    EDIT: There's nothing better than the sound of a good fall. PSH!
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    You said males, does that mean they can injure their privates?


    Just something I found about Nihon Tai Jitsu, this is a martial art dedicated to the least effort for the most result, be it incapacitation, broken limbs or death, which is why it is not able to have competition, it is free style and it evolved from a need to get out of a fight as soon as humanly possible, by any means necessary, fatal or otherwise.

    Man this leaves little doubt over what the martial art is for, two brown belts demonstrating why it is not safe for competition, again look at what they could do if they followed up their moves. :eek: I especially like the part where he potentially breaks his arm then throws him with the same arm, ow now that's going to hurt. And then followed by a demonstration of knee kick to the neck, now you're dead.

    Sorry to derail the thread but I find martial arts fascinating perhaps it's a throw back to our more violent roots? :smile:
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    Yes, that's exactly what I was getting at. Imagine being at your side, and having one of your legs smash down onto the other. It doesn't hit you every time, but when it does... :bugeye:

    I just watched the video you linked to. I kind of wonder what it would be like going up against them... In the video description, it says randori... That is not randori, it's a demostration.
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    jiu jitsu is widely used in competition - just check out the ufc or pride or bodog. the best practical martial art is a combination of mui thai and bjj
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