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JB diary has been getting pretty interesting

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    JB diary for December already has some intriguing thought provokers.

    he often has different takes on things, or he implements his takes with different pictures and quotes from other people. So here he is reflecting on "virtual worlds" and "singularity"(yes?)(no?)(other?)...

    Also it is interesting that Stanford math department got him to go up there and give a talk on Higher-Gauge
    (conventional connections are about moving a point, higher-connections are about moving an extended object like a string or a loop----higher-connections use 2-groups)

    categorics, swallow it, it's good for you:yuck:
    just kidding, Kea

    anyway remember when the diary used to be more a personal document with beautiful travel pictures from China and what it was like to get back home to Riverside----this month it is more like an intellectual blog with edgy ideas and quotes from other people who wrote in

    here is the December JB diary
    here is the abstract of the talk at Stanford math department
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