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Jobless NYC woman sues college for $70K in tuition

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    This has to rank up there with the most ridiculous lawsuits. She paid $70,000 for a degree in IT? Why didn't she go to a vocational school?

    Now that her name is public, I'm sure potential employers will be dying to hire someone that would file a frivolous lawsuit. :uhh:

    http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hOd5SMu_c48SwH6dYreQ4Cf7JNTQD99R312G0 [Broken]
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    Ever since I graduated, I've been working like a dog. Maybe I can sue for that.
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    I don't like studying. I'm suing for emotional distress and lost wages.
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    Lol thats hilarious i was wondering if this type of lawsuit had ever been filed just the other day actually. looks as if it has been.
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    It use to be a joke about Harvard law school's final exam - for extra credit, sue and get back your tuition.
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