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Journals for a physics grad to keep in touch with physics

  1. Feb 3, 2013 #1
    I graduated last year with my MSc in Physics from Imperial, and I'm presently undergoing a teacher training course, to teach high school physics.

    I loved studying physics, and especially doing research, so would like to keep in touch with it for personal interest while teaching/future work. I have a sum of money yearly from the education ministry that I could use to subscribe to journals. Which journal would work for someone like me looking to keep in touch with the world of physics?

    My masters was mostly in atmospheric physics, and in my undergrad I spent quite a lot of time on cosmology.

    As much as I like Nature Physics and the like, I worry that the papers from some fields (Quantum, CM, etc) will be too difficult for me to read on a regular basis. Should I just go for it anyhow?
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    Physics Today is a good one for general overviews of current topics. They have great summaries aimed at the level of physicists not in the field, "quick studies" and historical notes that would be great for teaching.
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    Dr Transport

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    American Journal of Physics, aimed at education, although not on the cutting edge of scientific research.
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    Since you are in the UK, you should have been a member of the IoP. You would have received a monthly issue of Physics World, similar to our Physics Today for APS members. To me, THAT is the best way to stay abreast of the major development in physics.

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