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June 2017 Petya Ransomware Virus Hits Ukraine

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    This new virus used multiple means of attack to infect machines on a network. The initial attack came from a legitimate software updater program:

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    People are speechless in the face of this viral onslaught.
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    I just shake my head that there are still systems out there that either don't get patched, or don't run host firewalls to block the spread of this stuff. Microsoft started blocking this kind of attack out of the box with Windows XP SP2 in 2004.
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    I'm confused. Wikipedia article says:
    Doesn't this imply that their OSs did not block this kin of attack until March of this year?
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    March is when the patch was released, but running the default Windows firewall prevents a system from being compromised over the network, whether it's patched or not. You have to disable or misconfigure the firewall for the malware to spread around your network.
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