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Homework Help: Just a simple calculus question

  1. Nov 16, 2005 #1
    Why does
    ((v0^2 sin (2a))/2g) + ((v0 cos a)/g) sqrt(v0^2 ((sin^2)a) +hg) equal
    ((v0^2 sin (2a))/2g) (1+ sqrt(1+((2hg)/(vo^2) (sin^2)a))) ?
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    Multiply the right-hand term on the lhs by sin(a) and divide the sq root term by sin²(a) to balance out.
    Take out the Vo term from inside the sq root and you should have Vo².sin(2a)/2g as a commom factor.

    Let me guess: this to find the angle of elevation for maximum range when firing off a cliff of height h, yes ?
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    Exactly! Wow thanks a hell of a lot!
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