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Just had my new Lenovo Thinkpad T61 laptop delivered to me

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    It's a nice machine. Too bad it arrived broke. The screen lid's latch is DOA. When I push the release lever to the right it doesn't spring back. Also, the clips on the left of the screen do not release when the lever is pushed. I have to release it by sliding a credit card under the screen lid. Blah. Other than that, it's a great machine. 14" widescreen wxga+ screen, Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5 ghz 6 mb cache, 3 gigs of RAM, nvidia quadro 140NVS graphics, 100 gb 7200 rpm hdd, 6 cell battery, bluetooth. Not to mention it has the typical ruggedness and strength the Thinkpad legacy is known for.

    I called IBM and they said they will send me a box to send it out for repair. They claim I will get the box tomorrow (even though I just got the laptop today). They said I should receive the fixed laptop by wednesday. I am skeptical.

    Anyway, it was kinda dissappointing to waiting for 4 weeks for the laptop to be shipping and delivered only to get one with a broken screen lid, but whatever.
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    IBM's service is seriously fast. You'll very likely get that box when they told you. I use to have a T42 and I broke one of the key caps on the keyboard. I called them up and asked them how much for a new keycap. They just took down my address and the next day I had a brand new keyboard via FedEx overnight, free of charge.

    I have a T61p now and I love it.
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    ahhh i hate sending stuff away for repair it feels like it takes forever
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    Why should you have to send a new computer out for repair? You didn't pay for a refurbished computer, you paid for a new one. They should replace it and when they finish repairing the one you return, sell it as refurbished.
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    My old comp got a kill virus recently and I got a new comp yesterday, its an HP Pavilion dv6380us (something like that) with a 250 Gb HD, 3 Gb or RAM, Centrino T5550 (I hate AMDs, dunno why, but I do, Intels are great), Bluetooth, Card reader, 6 cell battery, the whole deal, for $700. Don't really like Vista though, its OK, but yeah.
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    Lenovo is so slow with building new laptops that it would take 2-3 weeks for them to build another one for me and ship it from China. I'm moving in 3 weeks so I don't have time to wait. I'd rather they just fixed the problem with the current laptop. The turn around time is so quick that I will probably have the repaired laptop delivered to my door by Thursday. I assume it will be as good as new, and if it's not then I will complain and demand a brand new one, or just send it back and get Mac instead.

    Also, if it comes back with scratches or additional damage (as "repaired" inems under warranty often do) I will probably just send it back and get a refund.
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