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Kierkegaard said faith is the acceptance of objective uncertainty

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    Kierkegaard said faith is "the acceptance of objective uncertainty"

    I have 2 questions about Kierkegaard:
    1.Kierkegaard said faith is "the acceptance of objective uncertainty", his point being that we cannot be certain about the validity of our beliefs, and there will always be a 'leap of faith' to overcome the irrational aspects of the belief, which cannot be logically justified.
    This definition appears quite vague. How does he distinguish between the belief that, say, 'My car is on the drive', and religious beliefs? Would he class atheism as a 'faith'?

    2.Does Kierkegaard distinguish between faith and belief, and if so, how?
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    Re: Kierkegaard

    K goes beyond simple belief with regards to his discussions on faith. I could honestly and wholeheartedly believe that my car was on the road, in the shop, or in Peru. However, it requires faith, to believe that my car is a mouse named Bill. Saying my car is a mouse named Bill, is absurd. And that is the kind of belief he is talking about, belief in the absurd, because it is absurd. That is the leap of faith.

    Atheism is a lack of belief, so no, its not faith, it would be part of K's 'aesthetic stage'.
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    Re: Kierkegaard

    Thanks, I understand it better now.
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