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Kimberlite explosion in New York

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    http://www.users.muohio.edu/rakovajf/WTTW%20Kimberlite.pdf" [Broken]
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    I think you might mean kimberlite extrusion !
    Unfortunately diamonds->kimberlite but kimberlite->diamonds
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    Kimberlites are interesting as there is no known geological mechanism to push or pull the kimberlite suddenly from a depth of 250 km to 150 km to the surface at 70 km/hr. Kimberlites are very focused abrupt events. Would not a force generated at great depths gradually push the kimberlite up through the mantel. What stops kimberlite from moving gradually to the surface as magma? (i.e. Think of forces balanced. Strength of the mantel that stops movement vs whatever force moves the kimberlite.)

    Kimberlite eruptions are quite different than volcanos.

    Why is the ancient carbon (diamond) found at great depths in the planet?

    Kimberlites (The Oxford Companion to The Earth, page 577/578)

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